Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, FL/US

Payment Information




This year we have set up a virtual payment platform. We will be utilizing PayPal to receive all payments for the tournament. All payments are due by October 16th. Payment is required up front.


Payments will be accepted through PayPal to: Finance@FBKDebate.org.


In the circumstance that you must pay by check, please follow the following steps:


  1. Email Finance@FBKDebate.org With “[SCHOOL NAME] – Payment by check” as the subject with a notification that you are unable to pay by PayPal. This must be sent by October 16th so we can plan to receive your check

    1. Checks should be made out to:

Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate 

3160 J. Wayne Reitz Union 

Gainesville, FL 32611

  1. Email Finance@FBKDebate.org a proof of school purchase order for fees, or a USPS tracking number for your mail, by October 16th .Unless we receive a tracking number by that time, we will assume payment will be made through PayPal. Again, please do not hesitate to contact us by October 16th if your team is experiencing financial difficulties.

  2. We will confirm with your receipt of payment, or receipt of confirmation of payment.



  • If you have not paid and have entries advancing to the out rounds, we will not advance those entries until you have cleared any and all financial liabilities you have. 

  • Any additional entries that are cleared after October 16th, we will be contacting the school for payments. 


Any unreported drops are defined as a drop in the first round of the event. This harms our ability to panel rounds for good competition. Schools with unreported drops will be assessed a fee of $50 per drop. Please notify tab immediately if a student falls ill or withdraws from competition during the tournament.