Golden Desert NIETOC Qualifier

2021 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Bid Levels criteria for 2021-2022

Copied from on 9/30/2021:

During with the 2020-2021 competitive season, bids are gained at the following levels:

0-19 contestants = FIRST PLACE BID

20-34 contestants = FIRST, SECOND & THIRD PLACE BIDS

35-50 contestants = FINAL ROUND BIDS

51-70 contestants = SEMIFINAL ROUND BIDS

71-99 contestants = QUARTERFINAL ROUND BIDS

 100 + contestants = OCTAFINAL ROUND BIDS

Please note that bid level qualification is determined by the total number of contestants that compete in the event as opposed to the total number that register for the event. Duet Acting and Duo Interpretation are team events, therefore each team member counts towards the total competing in the event. 

Extemp bids can be offered to separate divisions or to a single combined division. In either situation, the total number of contestants will determine the bid level.

For bids to be awarded, the post-preliminary round that is a qualifier must take place.