Golden Desert NIETOC Qualifier

2021 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Rules & Procedures for Taped Events

1. Asynchronous Speech events must be filmed in a single take without post-production editing. The same video will be used for all rounds of competition. Any video found to be in violation of this rule will be disqualified.


2. Videos should be titled with the Event type and Title of the Piece. There should be no reference to the name of the student or school in the video's title or the video recording itself.


3. Videos will be submitted as links via Tabroom at the time of registration (links are submitted on the entry's page, along with titles). Any entry in an asynchronous event that is without a video at the entry deadline will be dropped from competition.


4. Links should direct judges to an unlisted YouTube video or a video stored in Google Drive and shared to "anyone with the link." The host will check videos at the close of tournament entries to verify that videos work. Coaches of entries that have videos that are inaccessible or appear to be incorrect based upon the entry category and title will be notified and provided the opportunity to fix the sharing status or submit a corrected link no later than 10am Pacific on the day after they are contacted.

 Competitors should test their links by attempting to open them in an incognito/private tab prior to submitting them to their coach for registration. If videos cannot open in an incognito/private tab, they are not properly shared.


5. All Duo entries must be submitted as split-screen videos to maintain equity across the entry pool.


6. While visual aides are not required in Informative Speaking, if they are used they must be non-digital visual aides. Physical visual aides should already be ready for the competitor to pickup and use within the frame of the video recording.


7. All entries must adhere to NSDA rules for their entry type as detailed in the HS Unified Manual..


8. Competitors are reminded that they are competing for a Bid to a National competition and should therefore be memorized and appropriately blocked.