Greenhill Fall Classic

2021 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Platform Switching Important Notice

We are conditioned to get debates/rounds started no matter whether we are in a brick-and-mortar world, or a virtual world. One concern we wanted to be forthcoming about was the desire of students, judges, or coaches to move rounds to different platforms that are not the official platform of the Greenhill Fall Classic to complete rounds of competition.

Please do NOT switch your rounds to an alternative platform. Switching platforms presents a variety of problems for the tournament, including but not limited to tabroom oversight, security, and liability. The proper workflow for issues that do not immediately resolve themselves is to notify the helpdesk ( and request help/submit a ticket and report it as an NSDA Campus tech issue.

If you are a judge who has decided to move to a separate platform going forward your school will be fined as if you did not judge your rounds, and you will be asked to leave the tournament. If you are a hired judge, you will be considered in breach of contract and will not be paid.

If you are a student who agrees to move to a separate platform you can expect to forfeit your round, even if that is both teams. Forfeits will constitute a loss and zero speaker points.

To be clear no one (coach, student, judge) should move, nor compete in, a virtual round to a video platform that is not an official option approved by the tournament. This option would create safeguarding concerns for all parties. Students should inform their coaches and/or the tab room if a judge suggests moving the round to a private platform. If the tournament finds that a competition round has occurred on a platform not approved by the Tournament Director, students competing in that round will forfeit that round. Judges will be asked to leave the tournament if found to have encouraged moving rounds to a non-approved platform.

All coaches must communicate this with all individuals linked to your program.

Thank you!