Lindale Fall UIL

2021 — Lindale, TX/US

Academic Information

If you are competing in our UIL Academic Tournament, you will fill out this Google Form.  From there, I will add your invoice to your Tabroom account (if you have one) or will email it to the email on file.  We have figured out a way to conduct registration via Tabroom.  If you would prefer to log your entries' names and simplified access, you can register via Tabroom.  However, we will also still accept entries via the Google Form.  For academic registration, we just need you to reserve the number of spots that you'd like to bring for each event.  We do not need names.  We just need accurate numbers so that we can plan appropriately.



A+ - Computer Science

ASW - Spelling and Vocabulary (Pronouncer: Beth Grafton)

Hexco - Computer Applications

MRC - Accounting, Current Issues and Events, Literary Criticism, Social Studies, Ready Writing, Journalism (Plus Copy Editing)

TMSCA - Calculator, Math, Number Sense, Science