Spartan Invitational 2016 Snowzilla Redux

2016 — VA/US

Snowzilla Cancellation & Rescheduling

The debate over whether to have one el or two els in "cancelation" is easier to resolve than the one over what to do about the Broad Run Spartan Invitational this weekend (even if Bill Gates is under-redding the mono-el version).

We are cancelling this Saturday's tournament, and attempting to reschedule it to February 20.
At this point, we have no idea of our school building's availability — physically and administratively — for this Saturday, as Loudoun County is taking a day-to-day approach to assessing the conditions of roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. Main roads in Ashburn are still single lane and icy, and the forecasted day-melt/night-freeze cycle looks to complicate morning travel through Saturday. This means that, in all likelihood, we won't know until Friday whether Broad Run is open for the weekend, and, even then, road conditions on Saturday may still cancel us at the last minute.
Our goal for the Spartan Invitational has always been to offer a quality speaking and debating opportunity to competitors to hone their skills as we head into the "post-season," and the Snowzilla Aftermath is not promoting that. (Also, the much-appreciated enthusiastic assurances from teams that they will get to Ashburn by Snow-Cat on Saturday have also included concerns about the logistical and communications challenges they're facing with their teams and administrations because of early week school closings — and, yes, this is an undisguised and unapologetic attempt to spread responsibility for this decision around to as many parties as possible.)
We feel the best course is to reschedule. We are considering February 20 as our avalanche-date: our building is available and there appears to be few, if any, conflicts with other debate/speech events and testing (we are considering the impact on the Georgetown PF Tournament, and there appears to be little overlap between the two entry fields). We will move ahead to reschedule, so please let us know if there are any scheduling hurdles we're missing.
Thank you for your support, patience, and input.* Broad Run values and very much appreciates your participation in the Invitational over the years, and this year's event is shaping up to be the largest ever. We're very excited to make it happen next month and see you all.
Once we've firmed up plans, we will communicate them to coaches, and adjust the Tabroom registration process (please do not modify your current registration).
Ron Richards, Coach
Jim Dunning, Asst. Coach
Broad Run Debate & Speech
*Unlike the cancellation/cancelation debate, there was none for the Oxford Comma.