Clear Falls Knight TFA IQT TOC Speech Invitational Tournament

2021 — League City, TX/US

Debate Topics, Extemp Question Areas, and Impromptu Topic Areas

For the 2021 Knight Invitational, we will be using the following topics for the following events:

Public Forum Debate (Varsity and Novice): September/October 2021 Topic - Resolved: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization should substantially increase its defense commitments to the Baltic states.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Varsity and Novice): September/October 2021 Topic - Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines..

Policy Debate: 2021-2022 Topic - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

Congressional Debate: From the Fall 2021 TFA Docket - We will be using the Region 4 Congress Scaffold.  Prelims: Items #16-20, Finals: Items 21-25.  If necessary, Semifinals will use items 11-15.

World Schools Debate: The following prepared motions will be used from the TFA August-November WSD Motions list.  Rd. 1: This House would expand the size of the United States House of Representatives.  Rd. 3: This House would not support US military intervention in the Taiwan Strait.  2nd Elim Rd. This House supports jury nullification.  Round 2, the 1st round of elims, and if needed the 3rd round of elims will be impromptu motion rounds.

Extemp Speaking:

DX Prelims - U.S. Federal Government, DX Semis/Rd. 2 - U.S. Economy, DX Finals – U.S. Politics.

IX Prelims – The Americas, IX Semis/Rd. 2 – Europe and Russia, IX Finals – Africa and The Middle East.

NX Prelims – U.S. News, NX Semis/Rd. 2 – International News, DX Finals – Economics.

Impromptu Speaking:

Rd. 1 - Serious Quotations

Rd. 2/Semifinals - Humorous Quotations

Finals - Pictures