30th Annual Stanford National Invitational

2016 — CA/US

Parli Topics

Topics for Parliamentary Debate will be published here following announcement in Parli prep. 



Round 1A: The USFG should reinstate the NSA’s bulk data collection program

Round 1B: Industrialized nations ought to admit climate refugees

Round 2A: K-12 curricula are better set by the federal government than states

Round 2B: On balance, economic sanctions on developing nations have done more harm than good

Round 3A: The USFG has a moral obligation to militarily intervene in the fight against ISIS.

Round 3B: Germany should significantly reduce the amount of Syrian refugees it will accept.

Round 4A: The USFG should significantly increase capital gains tax rates.

Round 4B: The influx of upper income groups to urban areas does more harm than good.

Round 5A: EU should grant refugees freedom of movement throughout all member states.

Round 5B: Every nation should have the right to develop and possess nuclear weapons

Round 6A: USFG should allow citizens to put initiatives on the ballot to be voted in a national referendum.

Round 6B: Environmental activists ought not use property destruction to achieve their aims.

Triples: USFG should redirect a significant proportion of money spent on fighting drug crime towards rehabilitating drug users

Doubles A: USFG should withdraw its military presence from South China Sea.

Doubles B: NATO should cooperate with Alawite forces to defeat ISIS and restore Bashar al-Assad to power in Syria.

Octas: Research on artificial intelligence with the end goal of producing sentience ought to be banned.

Quarters: The USFG should lower income tax in favor of a national sales tax.

Semis: The USFG should offer dictators in unstable states diplomatic immunity in return for stepping down from power.

Finals: The USFG should implement a Universal Basic Income.



Round 1A: When in conflict, preserving national security is more important than protecting the due process of individuals abroad.

Round 1B: Standardized tests in school, on balance, do more harm than good.

Round 2A: The USFG should implement a carbon tax.

Round 2B: The USFG should end its military aid to Israel

Round 3A: USFG should end its use of weaponized drones in Pakistan.

Round 3B: USFG should repeal the Second Amendment

Round 4A: USFG should impose a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages

Round 4B: When educational resources are limited, schools should prioritize math and science courses to the exclusion of liberal arts

Round 5A: USFG should significantly increase the top income tax bracket in the United States.

Round 5B: The USFG should make voting mandatory.

Doubles A: USFG should cease its support for non-democratic governments in the Middle East

Doubles B: the usfg should pass a constitutional amendment to ban homeschooling.

Octas: The USFG should make it illegal for interns to be unpaid.

Quarters: The USFG should significantly increase the federal minimum wage.

Semis: USFG should require that non-covert military operations be approved by a public referendum.

Finals: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration should substantially increase its investment in military operations in space.