Columbia Invitational

2016 — NY/US

Debate Schedule Update (1/7/16)

To accommodate a vastly larger PF field this year, we have made a number of changes to the debate schedule. LD and PF will share the same rooms on Saturday, meaning that the tournament must run with great precision, and that rooms must be vacated in time for the next round to take place on schedule. Two hours for double flights works fine. And everyone gets a nice break between rounds for meals and prep. 

Please note that ALL debate judges are obligated through the doubles round (it’s the only way the tournament can happen successfully), and after that, one round past their team’s elimination.


Friday, January 22, 2016

1:00-4:00 Register by Phone

4:00-4:45 Check in in the Lobby of the Diana Center

5:00 Judge Call at the Diana center for LD and PF

5:30 PF & LD Round 1

7:30 Judge Call for LD and PF

8:00 PF & LD Round 2


Saturday, January 23, 2016


8:00 PF Judge Call at the Diana center. Arrive through the Campus entry

8:30 PF Round 3

11:30 Judge Call

12:00 PF Round 4

3:30 Judge Call

4:00 PF Round 5

7:30 Judge Call

8:00 PF Round 6



9:30 Judge Call at the Diana center

10:00 Round 3

1:30 Judge Call

2:00 Round 4

5:30 Judge Call

6:00 Round 5


Sunday, January 24, 2016

8:00 Judge Call at the Diana Center PF and LD

8:30 Run-offs LD (single flight) and PF (double flight)

Judge calls will proceed immediately after the last ballots are entered for the rest of the day.

10:00 (est’d) LD Doubles

11:00 (est’d) PF Doubles

Eliminations rounds will proceed as quickly as possible one after the other. 

Regarding judge calls: We need to be strict about these. All obligated judges must be in attendance for all judge calls at the listed time, until released. We have to get the ballots into everyone’s hands, and everyone on their way to the various buildings, with the greatest dispatch. Judges’ names will be called twice; absent judges will be fined and replaced on the spot. We don’t want to sound negative here, because we know that the vast majority of judges will be doing exactly what needs to be done, and we thank you in advance for making the tournament work.