Ozark District Tournament

2021 — MO/US

Ozark District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
IEs (w/o Extemp)
Willard HS
NSDA Campus, MO
Tue 3/9 Sun 3/14 DI DUO HI INF OO POI
Debate (W/Extemp)
Willard HS
NSDA Campus, MO
Thu 3/11 Sun 3/14 BQ IX LD CX PF USX
Willard HS
NSDA Campus, MO
Sat 4/10 Sat 4/10 HSE SEN



Tuesday- Round 1 and 2 (due by 10 pm)

Wednesday- Round 3 (due by 10 pm)

Thursday- Round 4 (due by 10 pm)

Friday- Semifinals (due by 10 pm)

Saturday- Finals (due by 3 pm)

Debate and Extemp (We will start each day with Extemp)

We will start after school is out - debate/extemp Thursday night 3/11

Continues all day Friday and Saturday 3/12-13