The U invitational hosted by University Schools

2021 — NSDA Campus, CO/US

Equity Statement

Equity Statement: 

University School committed to further developing equity, diversity, and inclusion in this activity. To that end, we have tried to remove some of the economic barriers that prevent teams from competing at tournaments. Below are recent steps we have taken to increase access and affordability. 

1. The 2021 University  Meet will not be charging any drop fees. 

2. Any school with a Free or Reduced Lunch rate of 60% or more is entitled to a discount on their entry fees. Please email us directly to receive the discount. 

 In addition to working towards affordability, we want to create a competitive environment that welcomes all narratives, and combats sexist, classist, and racist macroaggressions that have resulted in varying student experiences in this activity. Below are recent steps we have taken to address inclusiveness: 

1. An anti-bias judge virtual training required for all judges before ballots are released to them. 

We want to encourage coaches to be proactive in the event an inappropriate comment is made on the ballot that they believe was part of the judge’s decision. Being asynchronous helps facilitate rectifying this issue. Below are the steps we are committed to taking:

1. We will make ballots available to coaches regularly. We want to encourage coaches to review ballots and notify the tournament directors of any problematic ballots. 

2. If a problematic ballot is discovered in rounds, an additional judge will adjudicate that round. If the judge’s rank would have resulted in that student's higher rank, they would receive the higher rank. This may result in (two “1st” or “2nd”; we are fine with that). In our rounds, only the student whose ballot was challenged will have the potential to receive a different rank. 

Finally, we realize these steps that we have committed to are only part of a larger conversation on the issues of equity and diversity in our activity. Any suggested updates to our equity statement are welcomed to be shared at our Coaches’ Meet & Greet. Details will be sent out in a separate email.