2021 — NSDA Campus, VA/US

Judge Account Creation and Linking

Online Ballots - Judge Account Linking on (Video on creating an account for/as a judge down below.)


In order to receive online ballots, first, create an account at When you create the account, you can also enter a cell phone number if you would prefer to receive the ballot and pairing notifications via text rather than email. (Live updates.)


After creating the account, log in. After logging in, look in the right-hand column under the bold header "Your Account." Select "Link your account to a judge." You should see your name on a row with your School. Link yourself to that account. 


You are now set to receive online ballots and be notified via email or text. If anything goes wrong, email your tournament’s director or coach that you are judging for and tell them what email account you used to create your account and they can work on adding you manually.


When you have a ballot, you can access it by logging in to with your account. If the ballot does not appear right in front of you, simply click your email address in the upper right corner OR select "Current Ballots & Panels" under the heading "Your judging" in the right-hand column.



Why use online ballots? You will be notified as soon as any pairings or ballots are released. You also do not have to come to the ballot table ever again - everything is done electronically.



YouTube Directions: