2015 UDCA Speech Arts Debate

2015 — UT/US

Congressional Docket

UDCA Speech Arts Congressional Docket


  1. A Bill to Send Ground Troops to Ukraine

  2. A Resolution Amending the Constitution to Repeal the 17th Amendment

  3. A Bill to Halt Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse

  4. A Resolution to Reduce Carbon Emissions through Establishing a National Renewable Portfolio Standard.

  5. A Bill to Reduce US Crude Oil Restrictions

  6. A Bill to Fund the Mining of Asteroids.

  7. A Resolution to Send Aid to Puerto Rico

  8. A Bill to Protect Military Assault Victims

  9. A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Regulate Campaign Finance

  10. A Bill to Provide Assertive Community Treatment  to Veterans in Crisis*

  11. A Bill to End Civil Commitment for Sex Offenders*

  12. A Bill to Promote Computer Coding Requirements in School*

  13. A Bill to Discourage Export Tourism*

  14. A Bill to Return Overtime Pay to American Workers*

  15. A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Allow for Sensible Gun Ownership*

  16. A Resolution to Keep Iran From the Syrian Table*

  17. A Bill to prevent Medical Professionals From Discriminating*

  18. A Bill to Protect Privacy on Electronic Networks*


* These Bills are from the NSDA and are available on tabroom, all others are available on the UDCA website.


** UDCA Orders of the Day will be used for this tournament