North Allegheny Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, PA/US


Please confirm that all of your judges and synchronous students are ready to go -  then check-in (on tabroom - *onsite registration*) between 7:30 and 8:30 AM EST

The opening meeting link will be blasted out before 9 am.  

Reserve congress bills 3, 5, 8, and 12 for the super session.


Each school's representative was sent a Google form to complete for trophies and to provide information to help us determine sweepstakes winner.  If you did not get that form, please contact



Reminder from last Sunday's email - 

Based on numbers - we can safely move to a one-day tournament. North Allegheny will run on Saturday only.

Registration is due by WEDNESDAY AT 5 PM EST

Links for asynch events are due by THURSDAY AT 5 PM EST

All times are in Eastern Standard!

Please check in between 7:30 and 8:30 am on Saturday morning. Extemp prep will start at 9. All rounds will be underway by 9:30.

We may have to end later than planned due to the later-than-normal starting time (for us - sorry to my West Coast friends!) - but we promise that I have people in place who are incredibly efficient!!!


International and US Extemp merged into one event
Commentary dropped from the tournament (1/6/2021)


Social Distancing & Masking Update (01/04/2021)

Duo performers can be in the same room as long as there are no State restrictions barring in-person school sports and extracurriculars at the time of the taping. The current PA restrictions are set to expire on January 4th. While we are not keeping track of every state's guidelines, we expect all teams to follow their respective State guidelines, and will be enforcing PA guidelines for all PA schools.


We do ask that coaches ensure their students comply with State masking orders which are outlined here


Particularly of note is Section 2A and 2B which state:

“every individual, age two and older, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall wear a face covering when:

A. Indoors or in an enclosed space, where another person or persons who are not members of the individual’s household are present in the same space, irrespective of physical distance.

B. Outdoors with others who are not members of a person’s household and unable to maintain sustained physical distance.”


While it’s certainly not ideal to perform with masks on, we truly appreciate everyone’s efforts to ensure that Forensics can continue safely during the pandemic.


Hired Judging Update (01/04/2021)


Judging quotas are determined by the number of students originally signed up for the tournament and are not reduced by drops.


Additional judges may be purchased from the tournament for $100 per day. If a school is below their judging requirement, judges will be hired on their behalf to cover their requirement. 




A judge is required to show up within 5 minutes of a round being blasted. 


Notifications are sent via text and email, so please make sure your judges are linked in Tabroom and have an up-to-date email and contact phone number.



Event Updates (12/16/2020)


We have split OI split into two separate events -- Prose and Poetry

Congressional debate legislation posted on the website -- generally, not available until 1/1/21 on the NSDA site under resources.