Orange County Speech League Fall

2015 — CA/US

Congress Legislation

A Resolution to Increase Regulation of Infrastructure


WHEREAS:  United States water pipes and public waste disposal systems, and other related types of infrastructure are rapidly decaying; 

WHEREAS:  This is a necessity to ensure a sound quality of life for all citizens;

WHEREAS:   Bringing existing sewer and water systems up to current practices through replacement and  inspection before a detrimental system collapse occurs betters the environment;

WHEREAS:  increased regulation of the system will create an economic benefits to local communities; 

Therefore, be it RESOLVED by the Congress here assembled that regulation of these forms of infrastructure be increased and

Further be it RESOLVED that the Federal Government through the independent EPA will fund of infrastructure be increased and and repair decaying systems within six months of irregularities found 


Submitted by Yorba Linda High School



Bill to enact a Medical Prescription Drug Database



SECTION 1. United States federal government shall develop a national prescription drug history database. Health care practitioners will be required to consult the prescription drug history database before prescribing controlled substances.

SECTION 2. Regulations shall be required upon class two, three and four drugs

SECTION 3. The Food and Drug Administration shall be responsible for the oversight of the drug history database.

1. $10 million in for this legislation will allocated from the department of Health and Human Services for start up costs.

2. An additional $1 million will be allocated from the department of Health and Human Services for operating costs.

SECTION 4. This bill will be funded by taxpayer dollars

SECTION 5. This legislation shall take effect February 1st, 2016.

SECTION 6. All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.


Submitted by Sage Hill School


A Resolution to Improve the United States’ Education System through Fighting High School Drop-Out Rates


Whereas: The United States is currently ranked 14th in education worldwide and 17th in educational performance.

Whereas: 1.2 million minors in the United States drop out of high school annually.

Whereas: Students raised in lower class households are 6 times more likely to drop out of high school than those of the middle to upper class.

Whereas: High school dropouts cost taxpayers $8 billion annually through systems such as food stamps and welfare.

Whereas: High school dropouts earn on average $10 thousand less each year than those with diplomas, causing $300 billion in lost earnings nationwide each year.

Whereas: 59% of federal inmates are high school drop outs

Whereas: Lacking parental engagement, poor academic performance, and family economic needs are among the greatest factors contributing to high school dropout rates.

Therefore, Be it Resolved by the United States Federal Government: Families both within the lowest two tax brackets of the United States and in which every child attending high school maintains a minimum 3.2 grade point average shall receive a 15% tax reduction. 


Submitted by Servite High School