The Northland Christian Classic

2021 — Online, TX/US

Hired Judging

A few things to note about being a hired judge: 

  1. You will be required to turn in a W-9 to our accounting department in January in order to get paid. Once we have that, checks will be mailed the week following the tournament. 
  2. We will not accept any hired judges that are signed up for multiple tournaments in the same weekend. This has been a huge issue recently; if it is discovered that you have done this, you will lose your contract and will not be paid. 
  3. Fill out this form to get officially hired: Once you have filled it out, I will confirm that we have added you to the tournament. 
  4. If you judge all 4 days, you will get 200 dollars; if you are available Friday/Saturday, you will get 175 dollars. We might have a few options for Friday only or Saturday only.