Asheville High Cougar Classic

2020 — NSDA Campus, NC/US

Duo Interpretation Procedures

Here are the procedures that we will use for Duo Interpretation at the Cougar Classic. Please follow them carefully. Remember, too, that you must follow all safety procedures and policies set forth by your home district in the creation of your duo interpretation.

1. In order to create a level playing field for those Duo teams who are being required by their schools to remain at separate locations, all Duo videos must be created in split screen format with competitors at different locations.   NSDA is recommending that tournaments have a consistent method of performance and we feel that this is the only way to be fair to all competitors.

2. Duo teams will submit one duo video for the tournament. This single video will be used in all four rounds of competition. Students participating in Duo will not be required to attend live rounds on Saturday.

3. The deadline for video submissions is 5 PM (EST), Thursday, November 19th. Late videos will not be accepted.

4. When the submission portal opens, the Tournament Director will donate a specific “introduction statement” that must be recited at the beginning of each recording in order to verify its authenticity for that tournament.  The introduction statement for the Cougar Classic is “This is our virtual performance for the 2020 Asheville High Cougar Classic.”   This exact phrase must be said on camera by the competitors prior to the performance of the piece with no edits between the statement and the performance.

5. Submitted performances should be no longer than 10 minutes and 30 seconds in length.

6. All performance videos must be a single take. Cut and paste videos will be disqualified from competition.

7. You are responsible for doing a quality check on your video before submission.

8. We will not share your video with anyone other than judges and tournament officials.  However, YOU are responsible for keeping your YouTube link unlisted but still accessible by tournament officials.  Instructions in how to do that are below.


1. Create a YouTube account if you do not already have one.

2. Publish your video. Log in to, click “upload” at the top of the front page. Upload in standard and not high-definition.

3. Edit video details: The title of your video should be the event followed by your names (ie DUO-Joe Smith and Julie Jones). In the description, add the title of your selection, along with your high school and primary coach or coaches.

 4. Edit Video Visibility: When creating the Visibility, change audience option from “Public” to “Unlisted” to ensure the privacy of your video - only those with a link to the video can watch. Do not make your video “Private” or “Public.”
5. Confirm that the video is viewable: After your video is fully uploaded, please ensure that your video has no technical issues with sound/video and that the performance is viewable from beginning to end. You might share the link with someone you trust in order to double check that the link works.

6. Upload the link to your video to Tabroom by clicking the blue "edit" button on your Duo entry and pasting in the YouTube link.