2016 Golden Desert Debate Tournament at UNLV

2016 — NV/US


All registration, entry, and tabulation will be done via tabroom.com. Please make sure that any judge accompanying your team has a tabroom account set up and linked. 

Judges in the Policy debate division must have judging philosophies posted publicly on tabroom.com or on the judge wiki in order to be eligible to judge.

A novice eligible student is one who is competing in his or her first year in the specific debate event in which he or she is entered.

NSDA rules and time limits will be utilized, except for (1) prep time for NCX & VCX, teams will have 8 minutes of prep time, and (2) side alteration in PF. 

The tournament will asign altering sides in PF (3 aff and 3 neg) and the aff will always speak first. 

LD and PF rounds will be flighted.

The policy debate topic is “Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance.”

The Lincoln Douglas debate topic will be the January/February NSDA topic. 

The February NSDA public forum topic will be used. 

All students are expected to abide by UNLV’s code of conduct, to respect UNLV property and tournament staff, and generally to behave responsibly. 

Independent entries that meet the criteria listed in the section titled “Independent Entries.” Any independent entry that fails to meet the deadlines or criteria listed will not be allowed to enter or compete in the tournament. Any payment made by any independent entry that drops or fails to meet the set deadlines or criteria will not be refunded.


Entries in the tournament are limited to four in varsity and novice policy and LD, and six in Public Forum.

Please do not enter debaters just to hold slots; be mindful of the needs of other competitors. 

No double entries are allowed.