GGSA Parli2 Congress2 LD2

2020 — Online, CA/US

Highlights of Parli Rule Changes for 2020-21

Article XI, Section 1, Part E: devices may now be used during rounds.

Article XI, Section 1, Part F: debaters may flow on computers and other devices.

Article XI, Section 2, Part E: debaters may access the Internet during prep time.

  Note: Debaters may not communicate with any person other than their partners, their judge, their opponents, or tournament officials between the start of prep time and the completion of the round. Exception: novices may receive help from other teammates during prep time.

    Debaters may not use the Internet to conduct additional research after prep time ends, or otherwise conduct research during rounds.



Please note that CHSSA did NOT change Article XI, Section 4, Part G:

G. Evidence

1. The intent of Parliamentary Debate is to encourage extemporaneous argumentation. Debaters should primarily rely on logic and general knowledge. Reference to published sources is allowed but should be limited. [1.I.2]

2. A debater may refer to information from a published source during their speech. The debater must transcribe the full quotation this information is based on. The transcription must be done during preparation time, by hand, and without ellipses. The debater must then write down the citation and must say the citation during their speech. To the extent that these are provided by the original source, the citation should include the name(s) of the author(s), the source title, and the publication date. [1.I.2.b & 1.I.3]

3. The team which refers to information from a published source must show the opposing team the sheet of paper containing the quotation and citation if requested. The request can be made during a POI. [1.I.2.b] 


EXPLANATION: You can flow on your computer. If you refer to information from a published source, however, you must transcribe the full quotation during prep time BY HAND, TO A PIECE OF PAPER. The other team may ask to see it in a POI. If you don't take the POI, the other team or the judge may ask to see your handwritten notes immediately after the speech, or at the end of the round. The team that reads the evidence must then either show the handwritten notes to the camera, or share a photo of the handwritten notes. Violations of this rule may be reported to tournament officials.