Parkersburg Isenhart Speech and Debate

2020 — Parkersburg, WV/US

Asynchronous Event Guidance

All speech events, except Broadcasting, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Impromptu Speaking, will be conducted asynchronously.

To enter an asynchronous events:

(1) Make a video of the competitor’s performance.

(2) Store the video in a location that allows you to create a viewable link to the video. We recommend YouTube.

(3) Name the link with the competitor's last name and event (e.g., SMITH - POI or JONES - OO) to increase the chances that a linking mistake will be caught in time to be fixed.

(3) Create a link to the video and copy it.

(4) Go to the competitor's entry in Tabroom.

(5) Look for "Piece/Quals" on the right. Click that button.

(6) Paste the link into the "Video Link" button.

(7) Test the link to ensure the video can be accessed and viewed using the link.

Links to videos must be in Tabroom by Tuesday 14 October 2020, at 12:00 PM.