Millard West Wildcat Online Debate Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, NE/US

Welcome to the Millard West Wildcat Online! 

The schedule for the rounds is as follows: (as with all tournaments, the schedule is subject to change) 

LD and PF

Round 1: 8:00A

Round 2: 09:15A

Round 3: 10:30A

Lunch Break: 11:45P

Round 4: 12:30P

Round 5: 1:45P

Quarters: 3:00P

Semis: 4:15

Awards: 5:45

Finals: ASAP


Round 1: 8:00A

Round 2: 10:15A

Lunch 12:15P

Round 3: 1:00P

Round 4: 3:00P

Awards: 5:45

Finals: ASAP


Session 1A: 8:00A

Break: 10:00A

Session 1B: 10:15A

Lunch: 12:00

Session 2A: 12:30P

Break: 2:00P

Session 2B: 2:15P

Adjourn: 4:30P

Awards: 5:45P

At the end of Public Forum preliminary rounds, if there are more than eight seeds with a 4-1 record, we will break all 4-1's to a partial octofinal. If there are fewer than eight seeds at 4-1, we intend to break to a straight quarterfinal. In PF and LD, a winning record will be required to clear to elimination rounds.