La Salle Forum Invitational

2022 — Wyndmoor, PA/US
Field in Open PF
24 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Central PA/US Geffen & Gillion Central GG
Charter School of Wilmington DE/US Mukherjee & Rajagopalan Charter School of Wilmington MR
CR North PA/US Horenstein & Sarangi CR North HS
Dallastown PA/US Terhorst & Lowry Dallastown TL
Harriton PA/US Biran & Bachmeier Harriton BB
Harriton PA/US Brunner & Harmon Harriton BH
Harriton PA/US Bacine & Krieger Harriton BK
Harriton PA/US Ma & Bhojwani Harriton MB
JR Masterman PA/US Chancey & Anastasi JR Masterman CA
JR Masterman PA/US Eggerts & Sheth JR Masterman ES
JR Masterman PA/US Keenan & Eggerts JR Masterman KE
JR Masterman PA/US Sorrentino & Gonzales JR Masterman SG
JR Masterman PA/US Tsisin & Cohen JR Masterman TC
Pennsbury PA/US Alvi & Kothari Pennsbury AK
Pennsbury PA/US Lakhani & Patel Pennsbury LP
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA/US Brienza & Murphy Pittsburgh Central Catholic BM
Pittsburgh Central Catholic PA/US Hudson & Elder Pittsburgh Central Catholic HE
State College Area PA/US Brown & Chi State College Area CB
State College Area PA/US Dombroskie & Miller-Priddy State College Area DM
State College Area PA/US Roberts & Mann State College Area RM
Strath Haven PA/US Guron & Lin Strath Haven GL
Strath Haven PA/US Maqbool & Wang Strath Haven MW
Unionville PA/US Ding & Ellsworth Unionville DE
West Shore Christian PA/US Nace & Teppig West Shore Christian NT