Mounds Speech Tournament

2021 — Mounds, OK/US
Field in 3A/4A Lincoln Douglas
16 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Muldrow OK/US Ely Moore 01 Ely Moore
Muldrow OK/US Isabell Swafford 01 Isabell Swafford
Inola OK/US Dominic Williams 02 Dominic Williams
Mannford OK/US Cole Greenwood 05 Cole Greenwood
Mannford OK/US Dane Cummings 05 Dane Cummings
Mannford OK/US Rykin Pennick 05 Rykin Pennick
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences OK/US Lilly Cole 06 Lilly Cole
Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences OK/US Micah Beeson 06 Micah Beeson
Bristow OK/US Lorne Duncan 07 Lorne Duncan
Riverfield Country Day OK/US Logan Moren 09 Logan Moren
Haskell OK/US Adison Shea 10 Adison Shea
Haskell OK/US Bryar Boyer 10 Bryar Boyer
Haskell OK/US Daniel Powless 10 Daniel Powless
Haskell OK/US Grace Foster 10 Grace Foster
Haskell OK/US Kendal Baker 10 Kendal Baker
Mannford OK/US Layla Cates Layla Cates