The Longhorn Classic Online

2020 — Austin, TX/US
Field in Open Policy
52 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Aubrey TX/US Oquel & Moura Burk Aubrey Oquel & Moura Burk
Berkeley Prep FL/US Zinober & Tirupathi Berkeley Prep Zinober & Tirupathi
Winston Churchill TX/US King & O'Rorke Brooklyn King
Casady OK/US Burger & Fryer Casady Burger & Fryer
Casady OK/US Evans & Shah Casady Evans & Shah
Casady OK/US Huang & Jiang Casady Huang & Jiang
Colleyville Heritage TX/US Chatur & Zhu Colleyville Heritage Chatur & Zhu
Coppell TX/US Kashyap & Chintalapudi Coppell Kashyap & Chintalapudi
Coppell TX/US Patel & Yan Coppell Patel & Yan
Crossings Christian OK/US Baumert & Yarborough Crossings Christian Baumert & Yarborough
Dallas Highland Park TX/US Wang & Lind Dallas Highland Park Wang & Lind
Dripping Springs TX/US Kaiser & Mihaly Dripping Springs Kaiser & Mihaly
Dulles TX/US Agrawal & Ganesh Dulles Agrawal & Ganesh
Grace TX/US Noble & Patterson Grace Noble & Patterson
Grapevine TX/US Mazumder & Emandi Grapevine Mazumder & Emandi
Greenhill TX/US Feinstein & Siva Greenhill Feinstein & Siva
Greenhill TX/US Gouru & Rothstein Greenhill Gouru & Rothstein
Greenhill TX/US Madhavanur & Simon Greenhill Madhavanur & Simon
Heights TX/US Kuffner & Waters Heights Kuffner & Waters
Hendrickson TX/US O'Donnell & Phan Hendrickson O'Donnell & Phan
Jesuit TX/US Martin & Ramos Jesuit Martin & Ramos
Jesuit TX/US Williams & Burns Jesuit Williams & Burns
Kinkaid TX/US Fowler & Zhang Kinkaid Fowler & Zhang
Kinkaid TX/US Fowler & Zhang Kinkaid Fowler & Zhang
L C Anderson TX/US Karchmer & Lynch L C Anderson Karchmer & Lynch
Lake Travis TX/US Seth & Grant Lake Travis Seth & Grant
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Malhotra & Ritter-Snader Liberal Arts and Science Malhotra & Ritter-Snader
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Mikelson & Church Liberal Arts and Science Mikelson & Church
Liberal Arts and Science TX/US Williams & Barrett Liberal Arts and Science Williams & Barrett
Los Alamos NM/US Koo & Roelofs Los Alamos Koo & Roelofs
Louis D. Brandeis TX/US Rao & Jamali Louis D. Brandeis Rao & Jamali
Memorial TX/US Poe & Qian Memorial Poe & Qian
Northview GA/US Ippagunta & Afre Northview Ippagunta & Afre
Northview GA/US Shariff & Salah Northview Salah & Shariff
Reagan TX/US Azad & Gutierrez Reagan Azad & Gutierrez
Reagan TX/US Kapur & Rios Reagan Kapur & Rios
Reagan TX/US Le & Vazir Reagan Le & Vazir
Reagan TX/US Lurtz & Schroeder Reagan Lurtz & Schroeder
Louis D. Brandeis TX/US Balasquez & Maneewat Sebby Blazquez
Shark KS/US Hopkins & Lara Shark Hopkins & Lara
Shark KS/US Reed & White Shark Reed & White
Westside TX/US Karthik & Schultz Westside Karthik & Schultz
Westside TX/US Moreno & Harmon Westside Moreno & Harmon
Westside TX/US Yadagiri & Raman Westside Yadagiri & Raman
Westwood TX/US Choudhary & Huang Westwood Choudhary & Huang
Westwood TX/US Nemawarkar & Yan Westwood Nemawarkar & Yan
Westwood TX/US Xiao & Li Westwood Xiao & Li
Winston Churchill TX/US Anderson & Garcia Winston Churchill Anderson & Garcia
Winston Churchill TX/US Huerta & Blanton Winston Churchill Huerta & Blanton
Woodward GA/US Hightower & Chranya Woodward Hightower & Chranya
Woodward GA/US Thakur & Li Woodward Thakur & Li
Wylie TX/US Zahid & Ameneshoa Wylie Zahid & Ameneshoa