Minden Speech Tournament

2023 — Minden, NE/US

Novice OID

Abbreviation N-OID
Format Speech
Entry Fee $7.00
Entry Teams of between 3 and 5 competitors

Event Description:

Oral Interpretation of Drama

The purpose of Oral Interpretation of Drama is for at least three and no more than five students to interpret a play for an audience through the scene or scenes being presented. As the name implies, this event involves interpreting a script as opposed to acting it out. Performers bring the text alive by using voice, facial expressions, and gesture, developing the characters through physical and vocal interpretation.

The performers may portray one or more characters. An introduction should be provided to give the audience information needed for understanding the performance. The contestants must perform the interpretation using a manuscript (which may be in a binder or on separate sheets). Each member of the group must possess a copy of the script/cutting being performed. Since each performer must hold their manuscript, use of manuscripts should be considered an integral part of the performance. While no sets, props, or costumes are allowed, staging may be created with chairs, blocks, stools, or other staging devices. Movement is allowed in this event.

Judges shall take into consideration literary merit, quality of the cutting, suitability of the performance to the group and to the event, and the overall effect of the ensemble.

The performance value shall finally be determined by the ability of the performers to vividly create the characters through vocal and physical interpretation, and to bring the play to life with believability.