VHSL Region 5C Debate Tournament

2018 — Ashburn / Broad Run High School, VA/US


VHSL Region 5C

 2018 Debate Tournament 


Saturday — March 17, 2018


Schedule:                                                                         Location:

8:00—8:30 AM            Registration                                  Broad Run High School

8:30—8:45 AM            Coaches/Judges Meeting               21670 Ashburn Road


9:15 AM                      Rounds/Sessions begin                 Ashburn, Virginia 20147 

Tournament Host & Directors:

Ryan Young — ryan.young@lcps.org
Director of Student Activities, Broad Run High School


Ron Richards — ron.richards@lcps.org                                  
Coach, Broad Run High School Debate & Speech         

Jim Dunning — james.dunning@lcps.org


Entry Procedures:  

1)      Region entry forms must be completed and emailed to both Jim Dunning and Ryan Young no later than 8:00 pm on Friday, March 9.

2)      Competitors and judges must also be entered via the tournament Tabroom website:
Tabroom.com registration must also be completed by Friday, March 9, 8:00 pm.

3)      Students are encouraged to create Tabroom.com accounts and link them to their team roster; this enables them to receive pairing via text and email, thus making for a speedier tournament.

4)      Judges in Policy, LD, and Public Forum should also have Tabroom accounts linked to the team’s Judge Roster. We will be using online balloting for those events — this fosters a smoother competition experience for all involved, as well as providing clearly formatted ballot feedback to your students.
Please have them linked to your roster by Friday, March 9, 8:00 pm.

Please email Jim Dunning with any questions concerning Tabroom.com.