Stratford Shamrock Novice Tournament

2018 — Sunnyvale, CA, CA/US

This is a tournament for Novice Middle-School & High-School Debaters to be...


  • An accessible practice tournament for students.

  • An opportunity to get parent judges some experience.

 High-school entrants who have more than a year's experience in debate are prohibited. All middle-school entrants welcome.

We will be running PF and LD events only.





We are running the February topics (PF: Capital Gains; LD: Plea Bargaining). This is an educational tournament for novices, so we want students to debate using topics they are more familiar with and have had more time to prepare.


There is no double entry allowed in the debate events. As we want our students to learn from each other, we will allow observers to be present in rounds so long as one of the two teams is from the same school.





Sunnyvale Raynor Middle School

1500 Partridge Ave.

Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Please park in the school lots ONLY; street parking is not permitted.


Entry Fees


$20 per entrant.

So LD costs $20; PF costs $40 per team.




We will require parent judges for this event, though some judges may be debaters from local high schools. We expect all judges to write complete ballots for students to help them improve through feedback.


If you know any significantly experienced judges who would like to volunteer to judge, please have them contact us. As this is a novice tournament, high-school students will be allowed to judge.