Jack Howe Memorial Tournament

2017 — Long Beach, CA/US

An invitation will be posted soon for the 2017 Jack Howe

We are proud to announce that we are a TOC bid qualifier in the following divisions!

Policy Debate - Semifinals

Lincoln-Douglas - Finals

Public Forum - Semifinals

Congress - Top 6 in Finals 



Speech events 


Friends and Colleagues,


The faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the California State University, Long Beach cordially invite you to attend the 25th** Annual Jack Howe Memorial, hosted by the CSU LB “Beach Forensics” Program on Saturday September 30– Sunday October 1, 2017. As in past years, we will offer Parliamentary, Policy, Public Forum, congressional, and L-D Debate in addition to the eleven CHSSA Individual Events. We are also pleased to announce that we are offer qualifying bids to the Tournament of Champions in Policy, LD, and Public Forum debate!



1. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED! ONLY Cash, Cashier's check, Money Order, Institution checks (MUST BE MAILED a week prior to tournament) ( ONLY IF YOU CAN) , or electronic payment will be available. E-payments by credit card will have a 2.75 service charge. 

2. If there were returned checks from last year it will be added to your registration.

3. ALL people who intend on judging MUST have a TABROOM.COM account or fees apply. 

4. Parliamentary debate will no longer be on tables. We may flight or cap this event to ensure debates occur in rooms.

5. We will have 2 divisions of Varisty LD - one for those wishing to debate in a circuit-style format intending to qualify to the TOC, and one for those who prefer double-entry opportunities. They will be clearly marked. TOC LD Division will not be allowed to double-enter.

6. We will be offering parent judge training each morning at 7:30AM. Please note, we ONLY offer parent judge training at 7:30 AM. If your parents cannot make the 7:30AM training, it is your responsibility to ensure they are trained to judge at the tournament.

7. The ability to pay tournament fees online using a credit card. Details to follow.

8. The return of CSU LB Beach Forensics merchandise (Timers, Shirts). Details to follow.

We will be bringing back the following features of the Jack Howe:


We will not allow double entry in Extemporaneous Speaking and other individual events. While we have allowed this in past years, it created too many schedule problems and too many speakers were forced to choose between extemp and other speech events.

Sweepstakes calculation. We will use a percentile system to calculate the top debate program and the top IE program; we will use a "equalization" system to determine the top overall school. This new sweepstakes calculation system is a result of persistent errors in calculation that have resulted from the system we have used to calculate sweepstakes in the past.

over $10,000 in scholarships to students who win first place in a senior division event. Each top-place finisher will receive a $800 scholarship to attend CSULB and compete on our nationally ranked forensics team, where they will be required to compete for a year. This scholarship is only renewable based on grades, competition, work ethic, and need.  

the use of TABROOM.COM for all registration 

For general tournament inquiries, please email Deven Cooper DevenC325@gmail.com); for tournament registration, fees, and administration, please email longbeachforensics@gmail.com.


All our best,

Deven Cooper



Tournament Information

Rules: NSDA rules and regulations will be in effect, with three exceptions. First, we will use CHSSA event rules for events NOT sanctioned as NSDA events (e.g., Parliamentary Debate, EXT, OA, OPP, OI, and TI). Second, due to the early timing of this tournament, memorization is not required; in senior division, memorization is encouraged but not required (i.e., judges can give students who are memorized preference over those who are not). Third, laptop computers and internet may be used in all events. Internet access will be provided on an as-is basis (meaning it is not supported by the school or our program). No hybrid entries will be accepted in any team events and no “maverick” entries will be allowed in team Debate events except by sole discretion of the Tournament Director.


Entry Procedure and Deadline: The Jack Howe will be using Tabroom.com for entries and ballots . Entries must be completed by 5:00 PM PST on September 28, 2017. Fees will be assessed and no new entries will be accepted after that time. Tournament Registration will be live by or before August 31, 2017.


Competitor Eligibility: Any student who is currently enrolled and in “good standing” (as determined by their school’s administration) is eligible to compete. No person who has competed for more than 8 semesters of high school or has competed in four years of national high-school speech or Debate competition may compete. Students who have earned a high-school diploma (or equivalent) forfeit their remaining eligibility for the tournament and may not compete at the Jack Howe.


Divisions: Novice division is limited to students in their first year of forensic competition. This includes Middle School aged competitors. Junior division (Debate only) is limited to students in their first or second year of forensic competition or Debate. Senior division is open to any student. In team events, if any partner is in their second or third year of competition, the team must be entered in the higher division. In other words, you always enter Debate/duo teams in the division that the most experienced competitor fits.


Double Entry: There are three rules at the Jack Howe regarding double entry. All will be enforced without exception:


DOUBLE ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. In order to keep a tight schedule running effectively, IE and Debate rounds MUST start at their scheduled time. If you are late for a round or miss a round and do not speak, you will be forfeited from the round and/or marked as a “no show.”

NO DOUBLE ENTRY IN POLICY DEBATE OR TOC LD DEBATE. Students MAY NOT enter in other events if they are entered in these events. This applies to both PARLI and IEs

NO DOUBLE ENTRY IN EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING. Students MAY NOT enter in other individual events if they are entered in Extemporaneous Speaking. They may still enter a debate pattern event.

Conflict Patterns: The following conflict patterns will affect both student entries and judge commitments. Judges cannot cover multiple events in the same pattern, or you will be assessed judging fees.


Policy/TOC LD: students entered in Policy and TOC LD Debate may not double enter.

Parli/PF/Traditional LD: students in these events may double enter in Debate and IEs but may not enter more than one genre of Debate.

IEs: Students and judges cannot participate in Policy/TOC LD Debate and IEs. All IE events will be held during the same “conflict pattern.” No double entry in Extemp and other individual/speech events. Students may enter up to 2 IEs, not including Extemp.

Registration: Registration for the Jack Howe Memorial will take place in The Nugget (inside the Food Court). Registration will occur from 7:00-7:45 AM on Saturday. At that time, you will receive a packet with your school code, judging instructions, and additional maps. At 9:00 AM on Saturday we will collect fees. Please make checks payable to 'CSULB Forensics'.


Competitor Call Time: On both days of the tournament, competitor call time is at 7:45AM, meaning all competitors must arrive to campus no later than 7:45AM. Any student who misses a round because they are not on campus at that time will be marked as a forfeit or no-show. We will not make exceptions (e.g., creating additional rounds, re-running rounds, allowing students to speak late) for students who are not in their round by the assigned start time. You are certainly welcome to make your own determination in terms of when you will bring your competitors to campus, but if they miss a round because of that, we assume no responsibility.


Harassment and Discrimination: The California State University, Long Beach prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, gender (including sexual harassment), marital status, sexual orientation (actual or perceived), age, medical condition, pregnancy, military service, religion, and physical disability. We will use CSULB’s Discrimination, Including Sexual Harassment, Policy and Complaint Resolution procedures to arbitrate instances of harassment and discrimination. For details, see http://www.csulb.edu/divisions/aa/grad_undergrad/senate/documents/Policy/1998/09/.


Food: We have arranged with University Dining Services to have food vendors open on campus, including Starbucks, Panda Express, Surf City, Quiznos, Pete’s Fresco Grill, and the Nugget Grill and Pub. These restaurants are willing to stay open through an agreement we have with University Dining Services. To make sure these vendors are willing to stay open, we ask a few things of you:


1. Please buy food from the campus vendors! Their willingness to stay open is based on the opportunity it creates for their businesses. As a courtesy to the union staff, we kindly ask that you please do not bring outside food to the tournament.


2. Please DO NOT bring your own kitchen to the tournament! We have been explicitly asked to make sure that no one brings kitchen appliances (or other electronics) to the tournament. This includes, but is not limited to, toaster ovens, mini-fridges, rice cookers, deep fryers, coffee makers, etc. If it plugs into a wall and it’s not a laptop, please leave it at home.




For more information on University Dining Services, including information about on-campus restaurants, please visit their website at http://www.csulb.edu/aux/49ershops/wp/dining/area_3/?page_id=33.


 **Last year's invitation indicated that the 2016 Jack Howe was the 20th annual. This was found to be a clerical error. A copy of the invitation from the 11th annual Jack Howe tournament shows that it was in 2003: http://tdy-perdiem.com/club2/calstatelb.pdf