Borah Novice

2019 — Boise, ID/US

Dear Coaches:

You and your debate teams are cordially invited to attend the Borah Novice Debate Tournament, Friday, October 25, 2019, at Borah High School, 6000 S. Cassia Boise, Idaho.



From I-184 Eastbound:

Take the Franklin Exit (EXIT 1A); Turn Right onto Franklin Rd 1.2 miles, then right on S. Curtis .4 miles; then right on Cassia 


Only novice debaters are eligible to compete.  A novice debater is one who had not debated in a tournament or attended a debate camp prior to Oct. 1, 2019.  



For the sake of this running as smoothly as possible I will require that either you or an assistant coach be in the tab room at all times. If this is not the case, your registration may be dropped. 


$15 per policy team; $15 per public forum team , $10 per LD competitor and $10 per Congress competitor.  Uncovered entries may result in additional fees.  Please make checks payable to Borah High School Debate.  An invoice will be available at check in for those who need documentation for their financial department. 


Student debaters will be used as judges.  You will need to provide one judge for every two policy teams and one judge for every four PF teams or L-D competitors.  Please indicate which judges are qualified for policy, L-D, or PF; however, preferences might not be met due to needs.   An instruction page will be provided at the tournament and there will be NO CRITIQUES OR DISCLOSURE! Remind your judges to check in early.  If you have an extra student judge, bring them, however, they MUST be present at the beginning or they will not be put on the list.  Late judges may not be given any ballots and if this means we are short a judge because of your squad you will be forced to pull a team or LD competitor(s) to make up for the shortage or pay a fine. Judges need to stay the duration of the tournament as ballots may be assigned during the first round.  Violations will be noted and teams penalized.


Judges need to check in outside of the Library, the moment they arrive at Borah High.  Their name may not be on a ballot until postings; at that point it will be added to the judging board and possibly a first round ballot. Please have your judges plan to stay all four rounds unless you have a substitute.  Please send a list of judges and preference with your registration.  Ballots will be returned to the library and then picked up there for rounds 2, 3, and 4.



CX, PF, and LD rounds, as well as the chambers for Student Congress, will be posted in the Cafeteria, and in the hallway near the library.   LD and PF rounds will be double-flighted.  Pay close attention because we will have many rounds and limited space; some bigger arenas will be used for multiple rounds.  



Rounds one and two are random-matched.  Rounds three and four will be “power-matched” to the extent possible.  

AWARDS:  Teams and LD debaters with 4-0 records and the top 6 competiors in Student Congress will receive awards. 



Please sign up using  Registration is due NO later than Monday, October 15, 2018 at 5:00 PM.   Please register both your competitors and your judges through Tabroom.



Please e-mail me as soon as you know that you need to drop or add a student competitor.  There will be NO ADDS AFTER Wednesday, OCTOBER 23.  Any drops which occur after the drop deadline (October 17) may result in a drop fee.  Substitutions are allowed as long as the comptitors fit the criteria for a novice debater according to the hosting tournament.  Please email with any questions.


1.    There will be some food and concessions available for purchase, however there is no lunch break so there will be precious little time to eat anything for Policy debaters. Drinks capable of producing stains will not be allowed in the classroom, nor will food. Water is fine.  Concessions will be cash only and Borah High does have an ATM. 

2.    Please tell students to clean up after themselves and to respect all property at Borah High. 

3.    Debaters must not enter a room without a judge. 


Please E-mail me with any questions, comments or corrections.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all.


Donnie Drobny 


CELL PHONE – 869-0320