GDSDA Shadow Coral Academy

2019 — Henderson, NV/US

August 16, 2019

Dear Coaches,

Welcome to GDSDA Shadow Tournament at Coral Academy of Science, Saturday September 7, 2019.  The address for our campus is 1051 Sandy Ridge Avenue, Henderson, NV 89002. The idea behind a Shadow tournament is to give the novices and new judge parents an idea of how a tournament works and what the events look like. We can still show the NSDA finals as examples but often the student views the ideal and not the reality of where our teams are at. By attending the Shadow Tournament, we are hoping that more teams will feel comfortable with the competition aspect of Speech & Debate.

The tournament will have 4 rounds, with a Coaches’ registration check-in and Competitor/Judges Instructions.  The varsity members will compete in all different NSDA events for four rounds (NO DOUBLE ENTRY). NO PREVIOUS PERFORMED SCRIPTS/SPEECHES are allowed. All Varsity members competing need to have new material for the 2018-19 season. Novices and new judges are encouraged to attend several rounds and view a variety of events.  This will allow students to figure out how different events work and it will allow judges to view events before they have to judge a round.  A light breakfast & lunch will be provided for judges & coaches but students will need to purchase their own lunch or snacks. There will be a $20 hospitality fee for every school (it doesn’t matter how many novices or judges you bring) and $8.00 per student entry fee ($16 for CX, PF or Duo) will be assessed.  We would like all schools to register even if it’s you and one novice student attending. An awards assembly will end the tournament, however no school sweepstakes awards will be given but individual awards per event will be awarded. Coaches will be expected to be on campus with their teams, work the tournament, judge rounds and Parli Congress rounds.

Events Offered: HI, DI, DUO, POI, Oratory, Info, Extemp (DX & IX), Congress, LD, PF and Policy.

Entry Level: OPEN (Varsity or your very best JV)

Entry FEE: $8.00 per student (NO DOUBLE ENTRY accepted)

Four Entries per school per event & a waitlist for each event. Waitlisted schools will be notified

School Checks payable to: Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas 


Thank you for participating and See you in September 


Amanda Sloan Tournament Host, Julie Roos GDSDA District Chair, & GDSDA Committee