National Speech and Debate Tournament

2018 — Fort Lauderdale, FL/US


Prop Opp Judging Win
East Los Angeles Silver
Lone Star Red
Long Island Gold
Central Minnesota Blue
Golden Desert Yellow
East Texas Red
Utah-Wasatch Yellow
Sierra Gold
Eastern Ohio Red
Florida Sunshine White
Southern California Red
North Coast Blue
Colorado Grande Blue
East Kansas Red
Eastern Ohio Blue
West Los Angeles Silver
New Mexico Gold
Heart Of Texas Blue
China Gold
Carolina West Red
Western Slope Red
Western Washington Blue
North Coast Red
Calif. Coast Red
New York City Blue
Rocky Mountain-South Violet
Sunflower Gold
South Texas Blue
New Jersey Gold
Southern California White
Space City Blue
Deep South Red
Florida Manatee Blue
Tennessee Blue
Florida Sunshine Red
Rushmore Blue
Long Island Red
China Red
Montana Gold
Colorado Red
Gulf Coast Blue
East Texas White
Florida Manatee Gray
Hoosier Crossroads Red
Central Texas Red
Idaho Mountain River Gold
New England Gold
West Los Angeles Gold
Idaho Gem of the Mountain Blue
San Fran Bay Brown
Idaho Mountain River Green
Arkansas Red
Southern Minnesota Blue
North Texas Longhorns Blue
South Carolina White
Lone Star Blue
South Oregon Gold
Western Washington Silver
Wind River Blue
Florida Oceanfront Blue
Big Valley Gold
New Jersey Green
Northern Ohio Blue
Arizona Yellow