68th National Debate Tournament in Indiana

2014 — IN/US


Aff Neg Judging Win
Nwstrn MV
Northwestern - Miles and Vellayappan
Texas FM
Texas - Fitz and Makuch
Towson JR
Towson - Johnson and Ruffin
Wake MQ
Wake Forest - Min and Quinn
MaryWash MP
Mary Washington - McElhinny and Pacheco
Okla LM
Oklahoma - Leonardi and Masterson
Mich St RT
Michigan State - Ramesh and Thur
Kansas BC
Kansas - Birzer and Campbell
Nwstrn MP
Northwestern - McCarty and Pei
Iowa HK
Iowa - Hancock and Kann
Fresno HT
Fresno State - Holley and Tate
Kansas KS
Kansas - Khatri and Schile
Okla CL
Oklahoma - Campbell and Lee
Houston LR
Houston - Lanning and Rajwani
Minnes CE
Minnesota - Crunkilton and Ehrlich
Rutgers RS
Rutgers-Newark - Randall and Smith
Georgetown AM
Georgetown - Arsht and Markoff
Emory JS
Emory - Jones and Sigalos
Liberty CE
Liberty - Chiri and Edwards
Harvard BS
Harvard - Bolman and Suo
Michigan AP
Michigan - Allen and Pappas
Harvard HX
Harvard - Herman and Xu
Wake LW
Wake Forest - LeDuc and Washington
Mich St CZ
Michigan State - Caporal and Zemel
Wayne LM
Wayne State - Leap and Messina
Harvard DT
Harvard - Dimitrijevic and Taylor
Georgetown EM
Georgetown - Engler and McCoy
West Ga AM
West Georgia - Ard and Muhammad
Okla BC
Oklahoma - Baker and Cherry
Michigan HK
Michigan - Hirn and Krakoff