67th National Debate Tournament

2013 — UT/US


Aff Neg Judging Win
Oklahoma LM
Oklahoma - Chris Leonardi and Michael Masterson
Northwestern MP
Northwestern - Evan McCarty and Linda Pei
Texas GM
Texas - Jishnu Guha-Majumdar and Flynn Makuch
Stanford GS
Stanford - Jake Sonnenberg and Sukhi Gulati
Wake BM
Wake Forest - Ken Bailey and Richard Min
Louisville VW
Louisville - Aaron Weathers and Chris Vincent
Oklahoma CL
Oklahoma - Rashid Campbell and George Lee
No. Texas KP
North Texas - Shelby Pryor and Brian Kersch
Michigan DH
Michigan - Kyle Deming and Kevin Hirn
Mary Wash. MM
Mary Washington - Patrick McCleary and Colin McElhinny
Michigan St. HR
Michigan State - Evan Hebert and Kaavya Ramesh
Wake HQ
Wake Forest - Jacob Hurwitz and Lee Quinn
Emory PS
Emory - Matthew Pesce and Jason Sigalos
Kentucky GR
Kentucky - Donald Grasse and Marcel Roman
Northwestern LV
Northwestern - Peyton Lee and Arjun Vellayappan
No. Texas MQ
North Texas - Colin Quinn and Hunter McCullough
Wake LM
Wake Forest - Joe LeDuc and Ian Miller
Minnesota CE
Minnesota - Cody Crunkilton and Miranda Ehrlich
Towson JR
Towson - Korey Johnson and Ameena Ruffin
Liberty LS
Liberty - Aaron Siegrist and Andrew Landrum
West Georgia DF
West Georgia - Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano
Emory DH
Emory - Ben Dean and John Holland
Harvard DT
Harvard - Anna Dimitrijevic and Daniel Taylor
Minnesota SS
Minnesota - Courtney Schauer and Rohan Sadagopal