Mercer Rotary Tournament

2020 — Mercer, PA/US

S2 Results

Room Entry Judging Rank Points
203 Upper St Clair Alex Lampe
203 Upper St Clair Ben Hrehocik
203 West Allegheny Caleb Miller
203 Bethel Park Caleb Shook
203 Lakeview Christian Corey Bryant
203 Pittsburgh Central Catholic Declan Reilly
203 North Allegheny Deeksha Rachupalli
203 Pittsburgh Obama Dylan Shapiro
203 Bethel Park Ethan Donovan
203 Upper St Clair Jay Patel
203 Bishop Canevin Joel Skelley
203 North Allegheny Morris Wolfe
203 Pittsburgh Central Catholic Nicholas Weising
203 Lakeview Christian Olivia Bryant
203 North Allegheny Quinn Volpe
203 Upper St Clair Srinidhi Rajaganapathy
203 Fairview HS (PA) Susannah Poese
204 Pittsburgh Obama Aastha Singh
204 Fairview HS (PA) Adam Chiocco
204 West Allegheny Amanda Gates
204 Upper St Clair Ansh Goyal
204 Lakeview Christian Audrey Plumtree
204 North Allegheny Bridget Paytas
204 Bethel Park Demetrios Patrinos
204 Pittsburgh Central Catholic Eric Fredette
204 Bethel Park Evan Zelt
204 Upper St Clair Jadyn Shaver
204 Pittsburgh Obama Jonah Woolley
204 North Allegheny Julianna Klepzig
204 Upper St Clair Kyle Chen
204 West Allegheny Lisa Bakhodirova
204 Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart Madeline Fiedler
204 Lakeview Christian Maximos Wolfley
204 Upper St Clair Nicky Misquitta
204 North Allegheny Pert Burns
204 Upper St Clair Sambhav Saggi