Welcome to the Jungle

2019 — Spokane, WA/US


Room Entry Judging Rank Points
133 Wenatchee Wenatchee Lili Cruz (Lili Cruz)
133 Wenatchee Wenatchee Katden Delvo (Katden Delvo)
133 University University Veronica Harper (Veronica Harper)
133 Ferris Ferris Kyle Hatten (Kyle Hatten)
133 Ferris Ferris Carter Jones (Carter Jones)
133 University University Elijah Jones (Elijah Jones)
133 Ferris Ferris Dierdra Lynch (Dierdra Lynch)
133 Lake City Lake City Bryce Maly (Bryce Maly)
133 University University Wendy Mcmulkin (Wendy Mcmulkin)
133 Lake City Lake City William Meyers (William Meyers)
133 Ferris Ferris Caleb Parks (Caleb Parks)
133 Lake City Lake City Jeffery Spear (Jeffery Spear)
133 Lake City Lake City Anika White (Anika White)