67th National Debate Tournament

2013 — UT/US

Open Entries by Prelim Record

Wins Name Code School
0 Arizona State - Rohit Rajan and Michelle Vered Arizona St. RV Arizona State
0 Baylor - Kanan Boor and Eli Bacon Baylor BB Baylor
0 Baylor - Kendall Kaut and Sam Hogan Baylor HK Baylor
0 Binghamton - Phil George and Trevor Reddick Binghamton GR Binghamton
0 Boston College - Ted Kontopoulos and Sullivan McCormick Boston Coll. KM Boston
0 Cal State Fullerton - Max Bugrov and Lee Thach Fullerton BT Cal State Fullerton
0 Cal State Fullerton - Ofir Stolarski and Nick Moore Fullerton MS Cal State Fullerton
0 Dartmouth College - Daniel Kreus and Jackie Chen Dartmouth CK Dartmouth
0 Dartmouth College - Noah Cramer and Josh Lee Dartmouth CL Dartmouth
0 Emory - Megan Cambre and Julia Marshall Emory CM Emory
0 Emory - Ben Dean and John Holland Emory DH Emory
0 Emory - Matthew Pesce and Jason Sigalos Emory PS Emory
0 Emporia State - Elijah Smith and Ryan Wash Emporia SW Emporia State
0 George Mason - Young Kwon and Kyle Lastovica George Mason KL George Mason
0 Georgetown - Andrew Arsht and Andrew Markoff Georgetown AM Georgetown
0 Georgetown - Holden Choi and Peter Vale Georgetown CV Georgetown
0 Georgetown - Tyler Engler and Andrew McCoy Georgetown ME Georgetown
0 Georgia - Will Caplan and Robert Galerstein Georgia CG Georgia
0 Georgia - Shyam Shanker and Austin Layton Georgia LS Georgia
0 Gonzaga - Tim Harper and Jordon Newton Gonzaga HN Gonzaga
0 Harvard - Bradley Bolman and Michael Suo Harvard BS Harvard
0 Harvard - Anna Dimitrijevic and Daniel Taylor Harvard DT Harvard
0 Harvard - David Herman and Gabrielle Tandet Harvard HT Harvard
0 Idaho State - Roger Copenhaver and Matea Ivanovic Idaho St. CI Idaho State
0 Iowa - Spencer Croat and Sharon Kann Iowa CK Iowa
0 Iowa - Jeffrey Ding and Liam Hancock Iowa DH Iowa
0 James Madison - Oliver Brass and Nick Lepp JamesMadison BL James Madison
0 Kansas - Amanda Gress and Melanie Campbell Kansas CG Kansas
0 Kansas City Kansas CC - Ryan McFarland and Kristyn Russell KCKCC MR Kansas City Kansas CC
0 Kentucky - Donald Grasse and Marcel Roman Kentucky GR Kentucky
0 Kentucky - Jonathan Geldof and Margaret Strong Kentucky GS Kentucky
0 Liberty - Savon Ayodeji and Mary Bobbitt Liberty AB Liberty
0 Liberty - Aaron Siegrist and Andrew Landrum Liberty LS Liberty
0 Louisville - Aaron Weathers and Chris Vincent Louisville VW Louisville
0 Mary Washington - Tom Pacheco and Leandra Lopez Mary Wash. LP Mary Washington
0 Mary Washington - Patrick McCleary and Colin McElhinny Mary Wash. MM Mary Washington
0 Michigan - Ellis Allen and Alex Pappas Michigan AP Michigan
0 Michigan - Cam Colella and Will Morgan Michigan CM Michigan
0 Michigan - Kyle Deming and Kevin Hirn Michigan DH Michigan
0 Michigan State - Tyler Thur and Pablo Gannon Michigan St. GT Michigan State
0 Michigan State - Evan Hebert and Kaavya Ramesh Michigan St. HR Michigan State
0 Minnesota - Cody Crunkilton and Miranda Ehrlich Minnesota CE Minnesota
0 Minnesota - Courtney Schauer and Rohan Sadagopal Minnesota SS Minnesota
0 Missouri - Kansas City - Juan Garcia-Lugo and Andrew Allsup Missouri-KC AG Missouri - Kansas City
0 Missouri - Kansas City - Alexander Bonnet and Peter Sadowski Missouri-KC BS Missouri - Kansas City
0 Missouri State - Djeff Bess and Wes Rumbaugh Missouri St. BR Missouri State
0 Missouri State - Jace Gilmore and Samantha Nichols Missouri St. GN Missouri State
0 Nevada Las Vegas - Christian Bato and Alex Velto UNLV BV Nevada Las Vegas
0 Nevada Las Vegas - Matthew Jallits and Kyle Eriksen UNLV EJ Nevada Las Vegas
0 North Texas - Shelby Pryor and Brian Kersch No. Texas KP North Texas
0 North Texas - Colin Quinn and Hunter McCullough No. Texas MQ North Texas
0 Northwestern - Peyton Lee and Arjun Vellayappan Northwestern LV Northwestern
0 Northwestern - Evan McCarty and Linda Pei Northwestern MP Northwestern
0 Northwestern - Rahim Shakoor and Alex Miles Northwestern MS Northwestern
0 Oklahoma - Rashid Campbell and George Lee Oklahoma CL Oklahoma
0 Oklahoma - Chris Leonardi and Michael Masterson Oklahoma LM Oklahoma
0 Puget Sound - James Stevenson and Jack McGougan Puget Sound MS Puget Sound
0 Rochester - Ben Batha and Alyssa Schwartz Rochester BS Rochester
0 Southern California - Ideen Saiedian and Clara Purk USC PS Southern California
0 Stanford - Jake Sonnenberg and Sukhi Gulati Stanford GS Stanford
0 Texas - Neeraja Koneru and Risha Bhattacharjee Texas BK Texas
0 Texas - Jishnu Guha-Majumdar and Flynn Makuch Texas GM Texas
0 Towson - Lenny Herrera and Kevin Whitley Towson HW Towson
0 Towson - Korey Johnson and Ameena Ruffin Towson JR Towson
0 Trinity - Tim Knoedler and Misael Gonzalez Trinity GK Trinity
0 Trinity - Steven Murray and Nathan Rothenbaum Trinity MR Trinity
0 California, Berkeley - Mimi Sergent-Leventhal and Abhik Pramanik Berkeley PS UC Berkeley
0 UDC-CC - Kevin Bertram and Kyla Sommers UDC-CC BS UDC-CC
0 UT Dallas - Jacob Loehr and Samantha Varney Texas-Dallas LV UT Dallas
0 United States Military - James Saker and Michael Barlow Army BS United States Military
0 Wake Forest - Ken Bailey and Richard Min Wake BM Wake Forest
0 Wake Forest - Jacob Hurwitz and Lee Quinn Wake HQ Wake Forest
0 Wake Forest - Joe LeDuc and Ian Miller Wake LM Wake Forest
0 Wayne State - Jacob Justice and Talya Slaw Wayne JS Wayne State
0 Wayne State - Michael Leap and Kristen Messina Wayne LM Wayne State
0 West Georgia - Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano West Georgia DF West Georgia
0 Wyoming - Jared Fanning and Ben Berry Wyoming BF Wyoming
0 Wyoming - Amy Pauli and Mary Marcum Wyoming MP Wyoming