Millard South Squashfestival

2016 — Omaha, NE/US

Keenan Allen Paradigm

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Kassidi Blume Paradigm

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Paul Callahan Paradigm

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Matt Casas Paradigm

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Jacob DenBeste Paradigm

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Salman Djingueinabaye Paradigm

(Accidentally deleted my paradigm. I tried to recreate it but if I missed something, ask questions)

Topic Overview

- Don't BS about Middle Eastern geopolitics. Saying "I don't know" doesn't make you look bad

- Don't bring up Ideology or I'll bring down your speaker points. Talking about religious groups is fine but trying prove that religion justifies any form violence will land you 20 speaker points

- Winning the "US policy has been effective in the Middle East" will always be an uphill battle. I mean I'll vote on it if you win it but you probably wont

- The topic is pretty big. It is unlikely that you can cover the entire flow in 2 minutes. Collapsing is your friend. Even if you are winning multiple arguments. Poor warrant and impact development can lose you the round. Just collapse on your best argument and sell it.


- Did PF for 4 years

- Doing NFA-LD in college (UNL)


- I like helping debaters get better. Feel free to come up to me whenever you have a question even if I didn't judge you

- If I make a face at an argument, it's only to tell you that it isn't clear. It's never personal.

Technical Paradigm

- Both Tech and Truth matter. I'm Tabula Rasa but my BS detector is pretty good too. I will call for evidence if I have reservations

- If you want me to look at your opponents evidence, call it out in your speech

- Off time road maps should be general. Don't explain the kind of argument you be making.

- No new evidence in summary. New analysis based on evidence that has been read is acceptable

- 2nd Rebuttal is expected to attack AND defend. I believe that front ending all new arguments in rebuttal makes the round clearer, more education and save grand cx for final clarifications

- No sticky defense. If it's dropped and you wanna go for it, extend the warrants. I'm not going to do it for you

- I can do basic cross application of arguments. That also means contradictions deck overall offense.

- Double binds or "Even if" argumentation is good and encouraged

- Technical genius will be rewarded with speaker points. Example: Non-uniqueing your own argument if its turned so you can kick it

- If you wanna read theory in PF, I'll listen but it better be clear and good.

General Paradigm

- Warrant debates are the best debates. Evidence is good and necessary but don't hide behind it.

- Line by Line is fine but an overview or under-view that gives a big picture is always good

- Speed is fine but a proportional amount is clarity is required. I'll yell clear a few times. If you go fast, you better use all the time.

- General framing is necessary. If neither team reads general or impact framing, I will use my discretion. You (probably) don't want that

- If you wanna be super aggressive and condescending, you better not suck fam.

- Yelling is never necessary. Ad hominem = 25 speaks

- Making faces during your opponents speech achieves nothing

- Talking audibly during a speech will lose you speaker points

- A trigger warning for sensitive arguments is good but opponents can't prevent you from reading an argument

- Calling for prep time after 1st case read, before you read your own case is slimy

David Fager Paradigm

I did public forum for 3 years in high school and was the 2nd speaker. I expect all teams speaking 2nd to defend in the rebuttal or will consider the points dropped. I am generally okay with speed, as long as you don't mumble. Negative teams cannot run counter plans or they will be dropped. More of a line by line then a summative flow. An argument should be brought up in every speech if it is to be weighed at the end of the round. A new argument must be brought up early in first summary or any speeches before that. Anytime after that, the value and credibility to me weakens.

Sam Harris Paradigm

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Toni Heimes Paradigm

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Nathan Hittle Paradigm

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Nathan Johnson Paradigm

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Alexander Keck Paradigm

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Akshay Nathan Paradigm

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Chris Powell Paradigm

I was a first speaker in Public Forum from 2014-2017 and competed Nebraska Circuit/Nat Circuit. I expect 2nd team to defend in their Rebuttal. I can handle speed as long as you enunciate but if I can't understand you, the argument cant be weighed. Don't run a counter plan on NEG. Self-explanatory but SUMMARIZE the round for me in the Summary/FF by weighing your arguments in the round.

Jesse Reed Paradigm

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Camden Roncka Paradigm

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Justin Rule Paradigm

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Jason Selvaraj Paradigm

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Josie Slovut Paradigm

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Elizabeth Velder Paradigm

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Alex Wissing Paradigm

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