Holy Cross Navy and Old Gold Debate and Speech Exhibition

2015 — LA/US

Shunta Jordan Paradigm

2 rounds

“Undisputed Judge Philosophy of 2018”

Happy New Year!

I will listen to all arguments, but I have grown extremely irritated with Framework debates…take that as you please.

I have been a long-term fan of the great Shannon Sharpe. Now that he is the co-host of Undisputed, he often serves up Hot Dubs and Hot Ls daily. Please see ways below in which you or your team might earn one of these Dubs or Ls:

To Earn a Hot L:

1. You stumble, fumble or go silent on a fundamental series of CX questions related to your Aff, primary Neg position or issues germane to the topic.

Ex: On this education topic, if you don’t know what Brown vs BOE or Plessy vs Ferguson are = Hot L.

2. You are blatantly racist, homophobic, sexist or are in any other way discriminatory in the debate space.

3. You decide that theory, skepticism or RVIs are more important than substance (specifically for LD).

4. You clip or cross-read.

To Earn a Hot W:

1. Debate well!

2. Don’t do any of the above!

Note to all: There is no world where the Negative needs to read more than 5 off case arguments. SO if you say 6+, I'm only flowing 5 and you get to choose which you want me to flow.