David Frank Tournament of Scholars

2020 — Eugene, OR/US

Serena Fitzgerald Paradigm


Have fun and be yourself. Please have warrants and impact comparison. This isn't comprehensive - feel free to email me with specific questions at serena.e.fitzgerald@gmail.com.

Speaker points are based off of a combination of skill and being nice. Memes can also help.

I mostly judge PF these days; if you have questions about other events let me know.

Having a citation for something doesn't automatically make it true; you should explain why the author comes to that conclusion. In other words, have a warrant.

Speed is fine, but make sure your opponents are okay with it too!

Theory, kritiks, etc are fine, but if your opponent isn't familiar with progressive arguments, do your best to explain the arguments to them to not exclude them from the round

Only arguments that get made in your speeches get flowed, so if you provide evidence during cross or prep time, please make sure to read it during your speech

I'll call for evidence if it looks sketchy. I want to see what you actually read in the round, so just giving me a link isn't enough

Please no new arguments in summary or final focus except in response to arguments your opponents made

Please do impact weighing! It's also usually good to collapse to just one impact to give yourself more time to focus on it.