BQD Speech and Forensics Tournament

2019 — Canton, GA/US

Pete Castagner Paradigm

I am a second year parent Judge so fairly new.

I prefer no spreading, at a pace that all can follow. I am very much a more traditional LD judge.

Please give me your voters !! Why you should win. What makes your framework better than your opponents.

No progressive debate ie, Counterplans, K, Theory, DA's, etc. ( not qualified )

Keith Egner Paradigm

Not Submitted

Danna Gonzalez Paradigm

Not Submitted

Leanne Greer Paradigm

I'm a third-year parent judge with lots of experience judging LD, though I'm still a traditional judge who will not evaluate the extremely technical side of LD debate.

The framework debate is most important, and you should have a value and value criterion. These things should be clearly stated along with your contentions, and I would prefer if you avoided policy jargon (e.g., "fiat," "perm," "pic," etc.) and didn't spread, because I will not be able to follow it.

That all being said, I've become more open to progressive arguments like kritiks and counterplans. There is a caveat to this: your arguments should be clearly explained and presented in a format that is understandable - you should still have a framework even if running a counterplan or other similar argument. Err on the side of extreme caution when reading progressive arguments in front of me.

I always try my best to check my biases at the door, and I will try to evaluate the round using only arguments presented in round.

Lori Hill Paradigm

Not Submitted

Anne Nechvatal Paradigm

Not Submitted

Angie Pannell Paradigm

Not Submitted

Dalayia Ricketts Paradigm

I like philosophy and theory.

Audrey Wakeley Paradigm

Not Submitted

Sophie Williams Paradigm

Not Submitted

Kevin Williams Paradigm

Not Submitted