Delbarton JV Tournament

2019 — Morristown, NJ, NJ/US

Julia Adelman Paradigm


I'm a fourth year critical debater at Bronx Science.

I don't take prep time for flashing(unless the time taken is excessive) and CX is open. If there is anything specific you would like me to answer please ask before the round starts.

What I vote on/like:

Being a K debater I generally enjoy hearing Ks, but please don't run anything you're uncomfortable with. I vote on the flow and weigh ROB/ROJ the most.

Respect is cool. Policy is cool. Road maps are cool.

Karthik Bhavaraju Paradigm

Not Submitted

Sunil Gaglani Paradigm

Hi, I'm a parent judge. Please no spreading, be clear and coherent. I look at the substance of your argument and not the quality of your delivery. A good counter argument especially when derived from current affairs will be a plus. In your last speeches, you should be writing the ballot for me on why you win.

John Manahan Paradigm

Not Submitted

Elisa Pappagallo Paradigm

Not Submitted

Nadia Rodyushkin Paradigm

Not Submitted

Carolyn Vicari Paradigm

I like the use of more current evidence that backs up your value criterion. Speaking skills are also something important.

Elaine Wang Paradigm

Hi guys! I'm a high school senior, so I only judge novice LD, but arguments-wise I'm pretty open to anything. This is my fourth year of LD and I've mostly debated on very traditional circuits, but I have some experience with Ks/theory/LARP/performances – definitely not as much as some judges though, so don't assume I know anything.

Speed-wise, I'm fine with spreading (although I doubt you'd do so in novice) but if I can't understand you, I'll stop flowing.

I don't have that many preferences; just be respectful to your opponent and have fun!

Pronouns: she/her