Potomac Debate October ESMS Debate Tournament

2018 — Thomas S Wootton High School, MD/US

Savon Ayodeji Paradigm

8 rounds

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Zoe Cantor Paradigm

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Sreejato Chatterjee Paradigm

I am definitely one of the worst debaters out there. I've been told this many times, and you know what, I'm no TOC bidder, heck I barely know any of the intricacies of debate (man I've just started learning a bunch of stuff I should've known a year ago) and don't be surprised at my next 0-6 at Varsity Harvard or something (if I'm even in Varsity rip I'm that terrible). I'm so bad in fact, I've already been dumped by 2 partners (well technically I dumped one of them, but that's beyond the point). Actually, I'll give you a free 30 speaks if you're willing to partner up with me for a future tournament (you probably can't, but hey at least it's the thought that counts).

Point is, you're probably better than me. A lot of people are better than me. You will very likely be disappointed by my ballot/RFD, but you're even more disappointed because you didn't get a top tier god flow judge. You may not like me, but one thing I've learned from my non-existent adventures is these three words, "I don't care." But, you make be asking, how do I win a round with a judge who is pretty bad at debate (To be honest you kind of can since judges like me have existed and you may have had them, unfortunately they probably aren't the best judges)? Well, Chatterjesus is about to tell you ;)


I'm ok with a little speed as long as you don't spread and sacrifice clarity in general (Spreading will most likely result in docked speaks or even an auto drop). Good speaking will always help though, and is much preferable.

Try to signpost. I have one of the worst flows out there, so please make sure I know where you are. This is why good speaking is preferable, since I enjoy it and it helps me keep track of your arguments.


Cards and stats shouldn't just be thrown around. Please explain what the card says, as well as the warrant behind your empirics. I'll only call for a card if you bring it up numerous times throughout the debate, collapse on it or I find it very sketchyundecided, or if the opponents ask me to call it.


I'm mostly tech over truth. I will buy arguments as long as they make sense and are warranted and linked well.

Remember to WEIGH!!! Impact arguments and give me reasons to vote for you. I don't want to have to do the thinking myself! I'm a bad decision makerfrown

If an argument/response is dropped, it is the opponent's job to point that out. Otherwise, it won't consider it in my RFD.

Only run theory or k's if necessary, don't run them just to show off.


I don't really have a general range for speaks.

Confidence, charisma and a little seriousness in Crossfire are ok (especially the charisma). If you trap your opponent and make them concede to your argument in a smart way I'll add +1 speaks.

Please use up all of your time in speech. I'm fine if there are 5-10 seconds left, but I get really annoyed when debaters have 30 seconds or more left and they don't use it. If you don't have much to say, flesh out arguments or do some weighing, I literally don't care.

Also, please don't be rude to anyone in the round (opponents, partner, me, etc.). Being rude includes sexism, derogatory language, yelling and bullying, among other things that you probably know not to do. Personally I think debaters are kinda toxic people and I bet 100% that a lot of the high school judges don't give two shits if you're rude. I really have no patience, please be respectful to everyone or else you will be dropped automatically with 23's.


If I tend to strangely smile a lot, it's because I'm very sensitive to laughter and thus I can't keep a straight face. In fact, I have a lot of weird faces. Don't take many of my faces personally, you're not that terrible or good, just move on and ignore my faces if you can. On the other hand, I might look really depressed, so don't assume you're bad, just keep going.

Debate is supposed to be fun. Try to be respectful to everyone and make sure you're all having a good time. Every round, no matter win or loss, is always a winning experience.

My bad debate skill could very likely impact my decision. If you are confused about my RFD or comments, want comments or just want to chat (I could really use friends:( ), find me after round or email me (my email is literally my first name dot last name at gmail.com).

Dheeraj Keshav Paradigm

Experience - PF debater for 2 years, going into 3rd.


Hey bois,

So, you got this weird brown guy as your judge, and you don't know what you're supposed to do to win his ballot. Well...

Real Part

- Philosophy: I try as hard as I can to be tabula rasa. I will not vote off of anything not presented and extended throughout the round. I will only weigh for you if:

- Neither team weighs

- One team weighs, and its really really bad (more on that later)

- Extensions: Make sure you extend correctly. Some clarifications:

- 2nd rebuttal can frontline, but doesn't have to.

- 1st summary has to frontline. They can extend defense/rebuttals, but they don't have to.

- 2nd summary has to frontline, and has to extend defense.

- both FFs have to extend offense/defense. ANYTHING not in FF will not be evaluated, unless both of y'all forget what extensions are. Then, I'll be forced to work for you.

- Please, for the love of god, don't tell me to "extend Walker 16 from case" or "extend our impacts." EVERYTHING you extend in summary/FF should be warranted (ie "extend Walker 16 who tells you that affirming causes widespread inflation and forces the fed to increase interest rates"). I'm far too lazy to remember all of your card names w/o the warrants.

- Weighing: Weigh correctly. Some more clarifications:

- In a perfect world, weighing begins in 1st rebuttal. As you go through the impacts, be like "this impact suck some booty compared to ours for x reasons."

- Weighing should also be warranted. Don't pull that "we outweigh on reversibility" stuff.

- Don't weigh on strength of link/probability unless you're comparing mitigation vs terminal/delinks, or have an actually good weighing mech for strength of link. i won't take into account weighing that's just like "this argument's ridiculous." If it's well warranted, that won't cut it.

- If nowhere else, make SURE you put weighing in FF. Pleaseee. Even if one team has a way better case and defense, if they don't weigh and the other team puts in at least mediocre work on that front, I'll be remiss as i sign my ballot for the other team

- Speed: I'll try to flow, but I'll drop some stuff if you go too fast. If you're around/slower than 200 words/min, I will catch the majority of your args. Above that, I'm not sure. Haven't flowed that fast in a while though. Keep that in mind, if I vote off of arguments and I didn't catch your response because you were too fast or talk like a monkey, that's on you buddy. If you are going to spread, disclose your cases. If you spread w/o disclosure, I'll honestly buy disclosure theory at that point.

- Argumentation: Anything short of like "black people are bad," will not be considered offensive and will be treated as a viable arg. If you somehow go that far, I'll still vote on it if you magically find enough cards to make a supported arg and defend it well (i.e. its not a racist arg but it sounds vaguely racist), but I wouldn't bet on it.

- Evidence: If (and only if) you tell me to call a card, I prob will. If you provide a card, keep in mind I'll skim the whole thing to make sure it agrees with what you say. If it's misconstrued, it's respective arg will be taken out of consideration. If neither side can actually provide cards, that's a big oof.

Also Real Part but Wack

- Attitude: Make things funny/light. I prefer when debates have a lot of jokes/roasts in them, even if they're bad.

- CF: Some people talk about being "rude" vs aggressive in cross. I realllly don't get that. I honestly will get if you cut someone off because they're being stupid or rambling, and I don't think any CF isn't viable unless y'all literally start screaming or personally attack them for like who they are. But like roasting their flowing skills if they dropped something you brought up is totally legit and def funny. That will be reflected in your speaks.

- Worldstar: Worldstar rules apply (hehe) check 'em out here: https://www.tabroom.com/index/paradigm.mhtml?search_first=hebron&search_last=daniel. Basically, if your partner hits the dab with a fire roast, scream "WORLDSTAR" and make me laugh. Don't abuse it. There aren't any specific +/- rules for speaks, but use it well and your speaks will get boosted. Overuse it and your speaks'll get hit. Hard. Ish. Also, if you're in CF, don't scream worldstar. Please, that's just cringy.

- Cursing: If you're really feeling it, go for it. I'm down. Let 'em have it. Don't abuse it. Again, overuse/personal attacks are muy estupido.

- Wack args: Yeet. I'm down for K's (replace CPs w/ Alts), and Theory. Run them properly, though, or else it's just a bootleg contention. However, miss me with them Counterplans.

Other things

- If there's anything I didn't cover, ask me before/after round.

Now you know how to help yourself win over the biggy brown boi who has just presented himself into your room. Have a nice day.

Jennifer Lin Paradigm

I currently debate on the national circuit for PF (HS).

Make sure to have cohesive summaries and final focuses. I won't drop you if they aren't but its a lot better when you go for the same args as your partners. Offense in ff should be in summary.

If you want me to vote for you, do a lot of comparative weighing and tell me why your impacts are more important or why your links are more sound.

I'm generally tech>truth, but that doesn't mean you can make extreme arguments that just don't make sense. I will essentially vote off of anything as long as it isn't offensive or absurd.

I don't flow cross. If you want me to vote on it, say it in a speech.


I'll give you a 30 in speaks if it's almost flawless. This includes your argumentation, speaking, and strategy.

* I'll bump your speaks if you get me taro milk tea (w/bubbles). Also just food in general :)

Ishanvi Malayanil Paradigm

Not Submitted

Lawrence Tang Paradigm

"Sonic speed is fine, if I cant understand you I'll yell out clear, if you keep trying to be lightning mcqueen after that - speaks :('

If you spin around every time you say the word “turn” I will be happy and bump your speaks.

I like brownies and poki.

Peter Zhang Paradigm

For PF:

- I'm a 100% flow judge. I'll only intervene against bigotry.

- Speed is fine (I do LD); unclear spreading is not.

- Love weighing and evidence comparison.

- Second Rebuttal doesn't have to frontline. Defense is sticky.

Speaks / Misc:

- I try to average 28 for a given tournament pool.

- I love impact turns. "Warming good" and "death good" will get +1 speaks.

- Jokes and roasts are good. I'll grant speaks depending on how funny you are.

- If you 20-point a contention, I'll award you 30 speaks and (probability) an auto-win.