Saint Georges Invitational

2018 — Spokane, WA/US

Luke Staben Paradigm

6 rounds

I debated public forum for 4 years and started judging recently. I currently coach Public Forum and have judged Public Forum and LD. I will keep a flow throughout the round and dropped arguments contentions are a huge deal to me.

I am ok with fast but will not understand spreading. If you go too fast I will yell at you to go slower.

I appreciate good plans and counter plans when done effective. With that do not be afraid to use other tricky frame work or tricky arguments because I love those when done effectively. It is not enough to simply say your opponents framework is abusive but rather explain why. I like both statistical and the use of logic in a case. When these are put together effectively that to me is the best case.

Voters: Voters will almost always decide the round for me. I love debaters who crystalize the round throughout. The last speech should be primarily focused on giving good voters.

Other stuff: Be aggressive in CX. While I will not vote solely on CX destroying your opponent in CX will definitely be beneficial