Samford University Bishop Guild Invitational

2022 — Homewood, AL/US
Public Forum Paradigm List
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Narcy Amireddy Hoover
Dan Bagwell Mountain Brook High School
Natalie Bennie Hire 8 rounds
Grace Blackwell Hire 8 rounds
Nate Conoly Vestavia Hills High School
Jadon Couch Northridge 8 rounds
Taylar Dickey Ramsay High School
Maggie Doyle Mountain Brook Junior High
Sawyer Emerson Hire 8 rounds
Ryan Galloway Hire 8 rounds
Aaron Gill Hire 8 rounds
Alyssa Gregory Hire 8 rounds
Libby Hutchinson Hire 8 rounds None
Hank Jackson Hire 8 rounds None
Annalisa Keuler Mountain Brook High School
Sydney McHugh Ramsay High School
Abigail McKibben Hire 8 rounds
Abigail Montgomery Hire 8 rounds
Robert Mooneyhan Jefferson County IB School
Margi Patel Hoover 8 rounds None
Lee Quinn Hire 8 rounds
TJ Riggs Hire 8 rounds
Grace Scott Hire 8 rounds
Jordan Sherrell Hoover None
Cole Stacey Vestavia Hills High School
Jim Sydnor The Altamont School
Joey Tarnowski The Altamont School