Mid America Cup

2021 — NSDA Campus, IA/US
L-D Debate Paradigm List
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Clement Agho-Otoghile Byram Hills High School 6 rounds
Chansey Agler Perry High School 4 rounds
Sam Anderson Eagan High School 2 rounds
Izah Baird OES 2 rounds
Joseph Barquin Boise High School 6 rounds
Saied Theophelous Beckford Hire 6 rounds
Lisa Boulais Mountain House High School 2 rounds
Grant Brown Lake Highland Preparatory School 6 rounds
Holden Bukowsky Hire 6 rounds
Carlos Daniel Carrasco Mission San Jose High School 6 rounds
Chris Castillo Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 4 rounds
Victor Chen Lexington HS 4 rounds
Anthony Cui Hire 6 rounds
Keshav Dandu Sidwell Independent 6 rounds
Faizaan Dossani Proof School 6 rounds
Alex Dumas Cardinal Gibbons 2 rounds
Eric Endsley Sam Barlow HS 2 rounds
Tom Evnen Lake Highland Preparatory School
Patrick Fox DTHS 2 rounds
Delon Fuller Hire 6 rounds
Brixz Eckleberry Gonzaba Hire 6 rounds
Jim Gray Sharon 2 rounds
Frank Harpster Summit HS 2 rounds
Wyatt Hatfield Saratoga 6 rounds
Eric He Lexington HS 4 rounds
Chetan Hertzig Harrison 4 rounds
Cyrus Jackson Harrison 4 rounds
Aryan Jasani Hire 6 rounds
Dylan Jones Los Altos High School 2 rounds
Sheryl Kaczmarek Lexington HS 4 rounds
Mark Kivimaki Edina High School 4 rounds
Lukas Krause Carnegie Vanguard High School 4 rounds
Rohit Lakshman Princeton Independent 6 rounds
Rose Larson BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Independent 2 rounds
Nethmin Liyanage Loveless Academic Magnet Program 6 rounds
T.J. Maher Lexington HS 4 rounds
Akshay Manglik The Harker School 2 rounds
Ian Matsuzeski Millard North High School 6 rounds
Jenn Melin Harrison 1 rounds
Ben Morbeck Strath Haven 2 rounds
Isabella Nadel Hire 6 rounds
Arianna Nelson Scarsdale High School 6 rounds
Spencer Orlowski American Heritage Broward HS 4 rounds
Phoenix Pittman Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 6 rounds
Breigh Plat Scarsdale High School 6 rounds
Jack Quisenberry Northland Christian School 2 rounds
Ki Radcliffe Northern Valley HS Independent 4 rounds
John Reeves Woodrow Wilson High School 2 rounds
Tajaih Robinson Hire 6 rounds
Stephen Scopa American Heritage Broward HS 6 rounds
Andrew Shea Iowa City West 6 rounds
Manasi Singh Hire 6 rounds
James Stuckert Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 6 rounds
Cort Sylvester Rosemount Sr High School 4 rounds
Jacob Tamkin Loyola High School 6 rounds
Nikita Tanguturi Hire 6 rounds
Nigel J Taylor-Ward Hire 6 rounds
Chris Theis Lexington HS 4 rounds
Symone Whalin American Heritage Broward HS 6 rounds
Maya Xia The Harker School 6 rounds