Grapevine Classic

2018 — Grapevine High School, TX/US
LD Paradigm List
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Blake Andrews Hire 5 rounds
Josiah Atkinson Prosper HS 5 rounds
Megan Barnes Episcopal School Of Dallas 5 rounds
Erick Berdugo Hire 5 rounds
Evan Bewersdorf Lindale HS 5 rounds
Bekah Boyer Greenhill School 4 rounds
Nolan Burdett Westlake High School 5 rounds
Kym Burke Newsome High School 5 rounds
Chris Castillo Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 5 rounds
Jake Cosio Lovejoy High School 5 rounds
Hanh Do John Paul II HS 5 rounds
Madison Estes Union 5 rounds
Madi Gackenbach Plano East Senior High School 5 rounds
Tyler Gamble The Kinkaid School 5 rounds
Evan Gilbert West Linn 5 rounds
Paul Gravley Northland Christian School 5 rounds
Amanda Greenwood Trinity 5 rounds
Miguel Harvey LC Anderson 5 rounds
Ed Haskin Centennial HS - Frisco 4 rounds
Tyler Haulotte Hire 5 rounds
Jeremy Dylan Hiesler Hire 5 rounds
Emily Jackson Plano Senior 5 rounds
Snehal Jasani Plano Senior 5 rounds
Ragya Kaul KAPS High School 5 rounds
Gurmeet Kindra Cypress Falls HS 5 rounds
Jordyn Kuehn Carroll 5 rounds
Arsh Ladhani Colleyville Heritage High School 5 rounds
Jonas Le Barillec Hire 5 rounds
Crawford Leavoy Durham Academy
Jonathan Hyunwoo Lee Hire
Ryan Lee Keller High School 4 rounds
Cassandra Lizardi Hire 5 rounds
Nick Malanga Jack C Hays High School 5 rounds
Dhruva Mambapoor Westwood HS 5 rounds
Jenn Melin Colleyville Heritage High School 5 rounds
Eleanor Mendelson Hire 5 rounds
Luz DeLaLuz Olivares Hebron High School 5 rounds
Rodrigo Paramo Greenhill School 5 rounds
Chelsea Pipkin Yukon HS 5 rounds
Parker Pogue BandK Prep 5 rounds
DeMarcus Powell Greenhill School 5 rounds
Cortez Proal Marcus High School 5 rounds
Bianca Rathwick Winston Churchill HS 5 rounds
Claudia Ribera Carnegie Vanguard High School 5 rounds
Jake RICHTER Hire 5 rounds
Jay Rye Montgomery Academy 5 rounds
Mario Shields Hire 5 rounds
Ariel Shin Hire 4 rounds
Julie Smith CTCS 5 rounds
Robin Stroud Norman HS 5 rounds
Art Tay Hire 5 rounds
Garrett Telfer Hire 5 rounds
Aaron Timmons Greenhill School 3 rounds
Elijah Valerio Dulles High School 5 rounds
Jack Wareham Oakwood School - North Hollywood 5 rounds
Andrew Whitaker Montgomery 5 rounds
Grant Whittenberg Burleson Centennial HS 5 rounds
Walter Willis Guyer HS 5 rounds
Keely Wilson Round Rock HS 5 rounds
Derek Yu Houston Memorial High School 5 rounds
Jessica Zhang Westwood HS 5 rounds
Lawrence Zhou Hire 5 rounds