Barkley Forum for High Schools

2016 — GA/US
Lincoln-Douglas Paradigm List
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Jonathan Alston Newark Science 6 rounds
Patrick Ames Phillip O. Berry 3 rounds
Tommy Archibald Vestavia Hills 6 rounds
Byron Arthur Holy Cross 3 rounds
Alex Avery Hire 5 rounds
Lucas Bailey Henry W. Grady 6 rounds
Gretchen Beckwith Riverside 6 rounds
Abdul Beretay Collegiate School 3 rounds None
Mike Bietz Harvard-Westlake School 1 rounds
Alex Bornote Christopher Columbus 6 rounds
Alex Boukis Cambridge Rindge and Latin 6 rounds None
Chris Castillo Strake Jesuit College Preparatory 6 rounds
Dylan Cavanaugh Montgomery 6 rounds None
George Clemens Lake Highland Prep
Patricia Cloud North Mecklenburg H.S. 6 rounds
Courtney Coffman Northland Christian 6 rounds
Tiffany Dacheux Dallastown Area 6 rounds
Michele Davenport Grovetown HS 3 rounds
Sam Duby Greenhill School 2 rounds
Ignacio Evans Hire 6 rounds
Tom Evnen NSU University 6 rounds
Patrick Fahey Benjamin Franklin 6 rounds
Travis Fife Harvard-Westlake School 4 rounds
Akhil Gandra The Kinkaid School 3 rounds
Haitian Hu DuPont Manual High School 3 rounds
David Joannides Emory University 6 rounds None
Steve Knell Harvard-Westlake School 4 rounds None
Jacob Koshak Episcopal HS 3 rounds
Greg Malis Isidore Newman 3 rounds
Eric Marcus Emory University 1 rounds
Eric Mason North Atlanta 3 rounds None
Shawn Matson Lynbrook High School 6 rounds
David McGinnis West Des Moines Valley 6 rounds
Deena McNamara William T. Dwyer 3 rounds
Jennifer Melin Grapevine High School 6 rounds
Griffin Miller Bronx HS Of Science 6 rounds
Ashley Murphy Unionville 3 rounds
Jacob Nails Upper Arlington High School 6 rounds
Jacob Nails Houston Memorial High School 3 rounds
Jatin Nanda James Logan 6 rounds None
Christie Parente Park Crossing 3 rounds
Lee Quinn Mountain Brook HS 3 rounds
Christian Quiroz Harrison 6 rounds
Devin Race New Trier High School 6 rounds
Chris Randall Greenhill School 6 rounds
Kenneth Rau Lovett 6 rounds
Alex Reibman Emory University 6 rounds
Jeffrey Richards Eastside Catholic High School 6 rounds
Jeffrey Richards Gig Harbor HS 6 rounds
Courtney Roberts Walt Whitman 3 rounds
Damon Routzhan Hire 4 rounds
Hemanth Sanjeev Peninsula High School 6 rounds
Daniel Shatzkin American Heritage 6 rounds
Jharick Shields St. Andrew's Episcopal 6 rounds
Robert Shurtz Hawken 6 rounds
Martin Sigalow Lake Highland Prep 6 rounds
SunHee Simon Newark Science 6 rounds
Andrew Singer Millburn High School 6 rounds None
Austin Smith Timber Creek 6 rounds
Megan Smith Providence High School 6 rounds
Angela Soren DuPont Manual High School 3 rounds None
Clay Stewart Hire 6 rounds
Erica Stickna Ft. Lauderdale HS 6 rounds
Chris Theis Apple Valley 3 rounds
Aaron Timmons Greenhill School 2 rounds
Adam Tomasi Lexington HS 6 rounds
Shruti Vadapalli Emory University 6 rounds None
Yibo Wang Boca Raton Community 3 rounds None
Marna Weston Oak Hall 3 rounds
Scott Wheeler Peninsula High School 1 rounds
Bob Wieckowski Myers Park 6 rounds None
Ed Williams Greenhill School 2 rounds
Brian Wiora Greenhill School 6 rounds
Alexander Yoakum Emory University 6 rounds
Paul Zhou Stuyvesant 6 rounds
Yuewu Zhou Emory University 6 rounds