Biggest Little City Classic

2017 — Reno, NV/US


Revised Schedule:

3:45 pm LD Rd1
4:45  pm LD Rd2
5:45 pm Parli E4 Topic
6:10 pm Parli E4
6:30 pm LD Rd 3
Note: Tyler Durbin from Idaho will be late to this round. His opponent will also have to stay a little late. A Nevada/hired judge will judge this debate so everyone else can still get out of here on time. 


8:30 am IE A Rd 1/Extemp Draw 
10 am IE B Rd 1/LD Rd 4
11:15 am IE A Rd 2/Extemp Draw
12:45 am IE B Rd 2/LD Elim 1
2 pm- 2:30 pm Lunch (on us)
2:30 pm IE A Finals/Extemp Draw
3:45 pm IE B Finals /LD Elim 2
5:00 pm IE/LD Awards
5:30 pm LD Elim 3
6:45 LD Elim 4

Parking is free in Whalen Garage.
My phone number is (360) 747-2944 if you need assistance. 

Please notify me of any drops in LD and IEs ASAP.