2020 — Online, US

Free Conference Call Instructions


 Updated March 31 


 COVID 19 Online Debate FAQ 

This is for troubleshooting the tournament. YOU should be the only person in the room. 

Always text 3019066226 or email for any questions during the tournament. 


You will use your ONLINE MEETING ID and students will pop up in your room. You will look on for your ballot & names of students. First confirm all VIDEO is on, MICS are on, and correct debaters are in the room, then Digitally LOCK the room. Once your room is locked, no other debaters or spectators can watch the round. Plus, I will know that all is well. Then you will press start round, and fill out the scores when it is over. You can go back and make comments later if your next round is starting. PRO TIP-make sure students are seated with no bright lights/windows in the background. 


How Do I find my rounds? 

Step 1: and search for ONLINE COVID 19 in DC you will find the link there 

Step 2: Find your code and click on the room map link 

It will open your link to Free Conference Call 

You can download it to your phone or desktop and register for an account Updated March 31 


Judge is not in the room. Is it just me? 

Wait for the judge or go back to the tabroom, info below. 

Dial-in number (US): (515) 606-5426 

Access code: 750225# 

International dial-in numbers: 

Online meeting ID: jdotson4 

Join the online meeting: 

If you save rooms on conference call app you can just click the tab using the meeting ID. 

Do I need to be on video? 

Yes, turn on your laptop, tablet or phone camera, and if you do not have one you need to call in and at least your partner needs to have one. Identify your name on the call. 

I Can’t hear anything. What is going on? 

Click the audio tab. If that does not work, leave the room and enter again, and make sure you test your computer audio button. 

The round is over, what do I do? 

Leave the room and go straight to next round on tabroom. If you need to go to the bathroom or eat, at least turn off your camera and mic and come back and turn on your camera. Eat when it is not your speech and turn on the camera when it is your speech. 

Test out your mic & video. And make sure your WiFi is on or your ethernet is plugged in. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. 

You need to login with an email account that is NOT connected to your school and link it to your name online. I can help you with that part. That way you can see your live ballots. If not your coaches have to look and see.