National Speech and Debate Tournament

2020 — Online, US

Entry Requirements

These are the registration materials that apply to entries in the online National Tournament. updated 4/19/20

1. Entry Release Form (required): All students must have a completed Entry Release Form uploaded under their name on the "Entries" tab by May 15. These must be scanned and uploaded, not emailed or mailed.

2. Script Upload and Information (required) updated 4/19/20: 

Original Oratory and Informative Speaking

Entrants must UPLOAD a copy of their manuscript during online registration, signed by the contestant and the coach, certifying the speech is the student’s original work. Note: No more than 150 words may be quoted from other sources. Extensive paraphrasing from other sources is prohibited. The document MUST include a complete work cited page in MLA or APA format. This can be uploaded by clicking the student's name on the "Entries" page. Put the name and topic of their piece in the text box as well for our records. Remember that the student and coach must SIGN their manuscripts before uploading!

Interpretation (HI, DI, Duo, and POI):

During registration: Interpretation event entrants will submit both their final cutting AND a photocopy of their original source as one single document upload during the National Tournament registration process. This single document will include both an unmarked, typed copy of every word spoken AND a photocopy of the original source which includes the cover, publication page, and all original pages in the order in which they are performed with spoken words highlighted and additions or deletions clearly marked. Students will not need to produce their original source.